How to buy online without a card

Would you like to buy online but do not dare to enter your credit card data for fear that cybercriminals get your card number? Do not worry, you can still buy online because there are certain options that allow you not to use a card. In .com we explain how to buy online without a card .

Steps to follow:


The best option to buy online without a card (at least without entering the credit card at any time) is PayPal . Paypal is a payment tool that allows you to pay with a username and password in many online sites. They also have strict security measures, so the data is protected.


You have to sign up for PayPal and associate a card number or an account number with your account, which will allow you not to re-enter it in more places on the Internet.


Another option that allows you to pay online without using your credit card is Trustly, although it is not as popular as PayPal. Trustly works as a kind of online bank and allows a transfer of payment to the trade in question.


You can also choose to get a prepaid card for the Internet. Some banking entities, such as La Caixa or BBVA, and companies such as PayPal allow you to get hold of a prepaid card: that is, you decide how much you will have associated, which is all that can be spent with that card.


And you can always opt for the more traditional method: cash on delivery, which is one of the options for long distance sales. When you receive the package, you pay for it. Check that the ecommerce site where you want to buy allows this option.