How to buy on Amazon from Spain

Surely you have a friend of those who are hooked to Amazon and buy everything online. You, however, have not yet dared and one of the reasons is that you do not have very clear how it is done and if you can buy anything from Spain . The answer is yes: Amazon will come from any corner of the world to your home and also buy in the online store is very easy. In .com we tell you how to buy from Amazon from Spain.

Steps to follow:


The first step is to locate on Amazon what you want to buy. You can do it in Amazon Spain, or in any other version of the online store. Browse by departments or use the search engine. Click on the " Add to cart " button on the products you want.


Once you have added everything you want to the basket, click on the " Basket " button, which will have the number of products you have added. It is in the upper right part of the screen.


In the next screen you will see the products that you have added. Review that everything is fine, make the changes you want and, when everything is fine, click on the right, where it says " Process order ".


If you have not logged in to Amazon, you will have to do it now. Follow the instructions according to your case: entering an email and password if you already had an account or entering the information requested if you are not registered.


Once identified, select the address to which you want the package sent or add one and click on " Send to this address ".


Choose the shipping method you want: how many days do you want to arrive and if you want to group the products in a package or send them when they are available. Click on " Continue ".


Select the payment method and enter your data if you have not already done so. When you finish, click on " Continue ".


Select the billing address or enter a new one. Click on " Use this address ".


We're almost finished! Check that everything is fine and click on " Finish order ".


You already finished! You will see a final confirmation screen and you will receive an email. In a few days, your Amazon order will be at your door.