How to calculate a discount

Do you love discounts and promotions at a discount? And who does not! The truth is that it is very practical to take advantage of the seasons in which prices are reduced, but sometimes we find it difficult to know what the final price is when discounts are applied . In general, they are specified in percentages and we must calculate to what amount corresponds to then subtract it from the original price. Therefore, we explain in detail how to calculate a discount.

You will need to:
  • Calculator
Steps to follow:


To get a faster way to calculate the discount, we recommend one of the easiest ways to do it. It's about dividing the discount percentage by 100 to convert it to a decimal.

We give you an example to visualize it better:

If the discount we want to calculate is 40%, you must divide 40/100 = 0.4


Once you have it, you will only have to multiply the discount converted into decimal by the original price, in this way you will be able to find the discount percentage.

We return to an example:

If the original price is € 120, the operation to be performed will be 120 x 0.4 = € 48


To finish with our calculation of the percentage, we will only need to subtract from the original price the discount amount we have obtained.

We return to give an example so that you see it more clearly:

If € 48 is the 40% discount of € 120, to find the final price we must subtract the amount less than the highest: 120-48 = € 72


In we help you so you know how to calculate percentages and, in this way, do not miss any discounts or opportunities. In this article we help you to know how to calculate a percentage and in this other we show you how to get a percentage of a figure. With these tricks you can calculate everything that is put forward and take advantage of the best offers.

  • We recommend you use the calculator to avoid mistakes with mental calculation.