What permission do you need to drive a tractor?

Currently there are a large number of permits and licenses that are adjusted to the different vehicles that can circulate through the public use. Sometimes it is difficult to know which of them is the one we need to drive a specific vehicle and we must also bear in mind that there are certain special traffic rules that refer to each one of them. The tests and requirements that the driver must present also vary depending on the type of vehicle.

Within these special vehicles we can find the tractor. Although some may consider that it does not fall within the category of vehicles, it does, as in many cases it has to travel on public roads, so it has to respect certain rules so that it is possible to circulate with cars. If for work needs you have to start carrying this type of vehicle, we will explain what permission you need to drive a tractor .

To what category do the tractors belong?

Logically, due to its special characteristics, such as size and speed, a tractor does not belong to the general car categories, but is located in a specific one, called special agricultural vehicles . According to the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) a special agricultural vehicle is one that is made specifically for carrying out agricultural work and divides these vehicles into two classes:

  • Self-propelled : also called motor vehicles that, as their own name indicates, have an engine that allows them to circulate by themselves. Among them, apart from the tractors, we also find all the agricultural automotive machinery, carrier vehicles and power tillers.
  • Not propelled : or without an engine, which actually have to be towed because they can not drive autonomously. Inside them are the trailers and semi-trailers.

To be able to drive with this type of vehicle, a license or permit is required, in addition to complying with the regulations in force established by the Traffic Department.

License of Agricultural Vehicles - LVA tractor license

The LVA license is one of the two documents that allow the driving of special agricultural vehicles, both self-propelled, and to add to these a trailer, as long as it never exceeds the 3, 500 kg of Maximum Authorized Mass (also known as acronyms) MMA) with the sum of all vehicles. It is also important to know that the maximum number of people that can be transported with this license is 5, with the driver included.

To obtain this document, the Traffic Department establishes the following requirements :

  • You must be at least 16 years old .
  • You can not be deprived of the right to drive by court order.
  • You have to overcome specific practical and theoretical tests.

Specifically, the tests consist of :

  • A psychophysical examination.
  • A theoretical examination of specific knowledge about the driving characteristics and regulations of the vehicle.
  • A practical test in which the aptitudes are demonstrated within a closed circuit.

When all the tests have been successfully passed, the license for the driving of special agricultural vehicles will be obtained, which has as a characteristic that it has a specific number of credits associated with it, which are reduced if actions are carried out that have an administrative sanction.

Agricultural tractor license with trailer - type B driving license

The driving license type B, which allows driving cars, also homologates the driving of special agricultural vehicles. In addition, in the case of having this type of document, you can transfer the Maximum Authorized Mass of 3, 500 kg (not in cars, but in special agricultural vehicles) and you can add trailers. The number of people that can be transported inside the vehicle also increases from 5 to 9 (with driver included), always taking into account that it is done according to the regulations established by the Traffic Department.

To achieve this driving license it is necessary to have reached the age of 18, as in the previous case to be able to exercise the right to drive, and to pass three specific tests . In this case, it is also a psychophysical exam, a theoretical knowledge test and a practical exam, in this case not in a closed circuit, but on public roads.

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