What documentation do I need to drive with a moped

Driving a moped on the public highway is something serious and you must comply with all the rules of the General Directorate of Traffic to avoid fines or greater evils. The documentation that you need to take with you certifies, on the one hand, that the vehicle is in good condition and that it is correctly registered, and, on the other, that you can respond economically in the event of an accident and you have to assume the damages. In .com we answer the question of what documentation I need to drive with a moped.

Steps to follow:


Permission of circulation. This document will be given to you at the Traffic Headquarters once you have registered the moped. It contains all the vehicle data, as well as the name and address of the owner.


ITV card . If the moped is new, the company that sold it to you will give it to you. In case you have already had to go through a revision, you will get it once you have passed it.


Insurance receipt. To travel with the moped you have to hire a compulsory insurance to cover the personal and material damages that you may cause.

If you have the insurance but you do not have the receipt with you, they can put a fine on you; although they will withdraw it once you prove that you do have the policy in force. Anyway, it is advisable to always carry the insurance receipt.


In addition, you must bring the document that certifies that you can drive the vehicle. In case you still do not have it, in this article we explain how to obtain the moped permit .