Is it allowed for motorcycles to circulate through a VAO lane?

The lane for vehicles with high occupancy (VAO) is enabled in large cities temporarily or permanently in order to reduce traffic congestion, especially in those hours of greatest influx. In addition, it is a measure that also allows to reduce pollution and is an important time and economic savings for users who can use it. The operation of these lanes usually generates a lot of doubts, and one of them has to do with the type of vehicles that can circulate through it. In the following article, in particular, we answer the question: is it permissible for motorcycles to circulate through a HOV lane?

Steps to follow:


The answer to the question of whether motorcycles are allowed to circulate in the HOV lane is yes, and so we can check it in the General Circulation Regulations in which it is indicated exactly that this type of lanes can only be used by motorcycles, cars and mixed vehicles adaptable .


It also establishes that only circulation is allowed to vehicles destined only for the transport of people, and whose maximum authorized mass does not exceed 3, 500 kilos, as well as being occupied by the number of people indicated in the signs that you will find in the road about it.


Despite this, we find some exceptions, such as:

  • Disabled vehicles correctly marked, even when they are only occupied by the driver.
  • Buses with a mass exceeding 3, 500 kg and articulated buses, regardless of the number of occupants.
  • The vehicles of the authorities like the Police or the Firemen, and those destined to the sanitary service or maintenance of the road.


It is also important to know that the rating of the HOV lane can be temporary or permanent, as well as the schedule established by the corresponding Traffic Authority. Normally the schedule is fixed according to the state of the circulation, and it is possible that in certain circumstances or for reasons of safety, the authorities allow the circulation of other vehicles through the HOV lane.