What are the most common driving errors

Good driving habits can make our car last longer, besides being a guarantee of safety when it comes to driving. There are certain mistakes that many people make when they drive, without even knowing that they are doing wrong. That is why we must correct them and acquire good practices to drive efficiently. In this article we explain what are the most common driving errors.

Steps to follow:


Currently, the engines of the cars no longer need to warm up before starting to roll . In fact, if we heat it every morning before leaving, we will make the moisture and impurities condense in the crankcase and this can cause a breakdown in the engine. Even so, it will be necessary to drive with caution when we have just started to allow time for all the fluids of the car to circulate, just as a cold engine should never be accelerated.


If the car is hard to start, the key turned on the ignition should not be kept for more than 10 seconds . You will have to wait a moment after each time you try to start it to allow the starter to cool down and lengthen its life.


Another of the most frequent mistakes when driving is to gently step on the brake pedal unnecessarily . To get the brakes to last a lot longer and not have to change them before the time, you must keep your foot off the pedal if not really going to slow down. Likewise, sudden braking should also be avoided, anticipating and reducing the speed before stopping.


On the other hand, you should try not to overdrive the clutch, you will have to release the pedal smoothly when accelerating. Also, when you have the car stopped - for example at a traffic light - you must remove the gear leaving the lever in neutral and without stepping on the clutch. Keeping the gear set with the car stopped is a serious driving error, since you will be making the clutch work unnecessarily.


The smooth driving also protects the suspension system of the car, for this we must avoid boats and jumps, as well as try not to skid in curves and potholes. In this way, we will make the shock absorbers last longer and, at the same time, we will gain safety. You can see here when I should change my car's shock absorbers and be sure they are in perfect condition.