Tips for selling a second hand motorcycle

Is it time to sell your motorcycle and get rid of it? If you are considering selling your two-wheeled transport, it is important that you first take into account a series of aspects that help you to carry out the process successfully and, above all, to get it quickly and for a good price. A safe way to sell a motorcycle is to have all the necessary documentation, take care of its appearance, ensure that it is in perfect condition and use the best means to advertise it through a good advertisement that exceeds the competitors. Keep reading this article and discover the tips for selling a second hand motorcycle that you should pay attention to.

Steps to follow:


The sale of your motorcycle can be much simpler if in addition to the official documentation to make the processing possible, you have other documents with which the buyer can check the maintenance and care you have given to your means of transport so far. That is why if you have in your hand the book of revisions, the manual of the motorcycle, the invoices of the last repairs or the reports of the ITV, etc., we recommend that you let it know in the sale announcement and specify it in detail. All this will make potential buyers have greater confidence in you and settle before your offer than for other users who are also trying to sell your motorcycle.


The first impression is fundamental and, in many cases, it is what counts to make a final decision. So if you want to sell your motorcycle as soon as possible, you should worry about it looking clean and without any trace of dirt or accumulated dust. Just take a few minutes to perform a deep wash, check the status of all corners and, also, take a look at the painting, because if necessary, you must polish it to get it to shine and look in the best conditions. Do this before you meet a potential buyer and previously take the photographs for the sale announcement.

If you need some advice to get your bike ready, we recommend that you check the article How to wash my bike.


In the same way that it is key to present the bike completely clean, it is also essential that all parts are in good condition and the operation is appropriate. Otherwise, your vehicle will look much older and, no doubt, it will be much harder to get someone to decide to pay for it.

In this sense, we recommend that you change those parts that are more worn, that you also check the condition of the wheels and consider the possibility of a new battery being necessary. Think that a small previous investment can make the current value of your bike increase considerably and the sale is much more successful for both parties.


Nowadays, the majority of people who are interested in selling their motorcycles use web pages specialized in buying and selling second-hand vehicles, and this is a sure way to reach a larger audience and realize the process more quickly. However, before starting in this adventure, it will be very important that you make a good announcement in which you detail all the characteristics of the motorcycle and that it is very attractive and attractive. For this, you must take into account advice such as the following:

  • It includes many photographs of the motorcycle that show it from different perspectives and ensure that they are of good quality. Put images of those pieces or elements that are in better condition and that are new. In the event that you have a defect, it will also be important that you show it so that the potential buyer is not surprised at the moment of seeing it and can have a clear idea of ​​the conditions of the vehicle.
  • Make a detailed description of the bike and include important aspects such as mileage, the year of registration and the documents you have, as we have noted in the first section.
  • Take care of the writing and the spelling, because a badly explained ad or full of spelling mistakes could be decisive for a buyer to decide not to contact you.
  • Do not forget to specify a contact phone or an email.
  • Try to set an attractive price and adjust to what is currently in the market. Check other published ads to get an idea. You can also check the recommendations that we give you in the article How to calculate the price of a used motorcycle.


Although websites specializing in the purchase and sale of used vehicles is an option, do not limit yourself to them and also go to biker forums, mechanical workshops where you can leave your ad, or you can even hang posters by your city or the area where you live. All these strategies will help you find people interested in buying your motorcycle and accelerate the process.