Safety tips for driving

Although the numbers of accidents and victims on the road are reduced and manufacturers focus much of their efforts on improving driver protection , the truth is that roads are often scenarios of tragic accidents. It is the responsibility of the drivers to take the appropriate measures to protect their life and not endanger the rest of the people that circulate on the road. Therefore, in .com we offer you these safety tips to drive safely .

Steps to follow:


Our first gesture before starting the march has to be the seat belt, even if we are just going to move the car from one parking lot to another.


Our attitude to the wheel is very important: it must be calm and not aggressive towards the rest of the drivers. We must be aware that we are in front of a machine that can become very dangerous.


We have to maintain the safety distance with the vehicle in front of us. In this way, we will be in a better position to respond to any unforeseen event.


Obviously, we must respect all traffic signs ; but we must go further and, for example, bear in mind that if the weather conditions are bad our speed must be less than the maximum allowed.


Especially, on urban roads we will have to respect the speeds and be very attentive to the possibility of a child, a clueless adult or an animal invading the road.


In the case that we make long trips, take breaks every two hours and try not to drive at night, since sleep can play tricks on us.


Although the journey we are going to make we know it by heart, we must always be very attentive to driving . Most accidents occur in short journeys.


We should never attend to the mobile phone, let alone respond to text messages, no matter how important the call we expect. The GPS devices must be configured before starting the march and we should not let ourselves be guided blindly by them.