How to sell a motorcycle

The second hand motorcycle market is very active, mainly because of the economic situation that causes that while some get rid of their motorcycle because they can not keep it, others find a vehicle at an affordable price for their trips. This causes that there is a lot of offer and that, to emphasize, you have to devise them. In .com we explain a series of tips on how to sell a motorcycle.

Steps to follow:


The simplest is that you use Internet portals to sell second-hand products or specialized in motor . It is also recommended that you put notes on boards of establishments such as supermarkets or bars but be careful when sticking them on public roads because in some cities you can be penalized.


To advertise your motorcycle on the Internet, we recommend that you take many pictures; Take good care of the aesthetic, that is, that your motorcycle is clean and also the stage, thus, you will make a good first impression. If the motorcycle you are going to sell has an aesthetic defect, explain it and take detailed pictures so that the potential buyer can assess whether he is interested or not.


In the description of the product explains the reason that has led you to sell the motorcycle . If you do not, the imagination of the person reading the announcement may lead you to think that the vehicle has a mechanical failure or a defect that leads you to let go of it.


Do not hide if the bike you sell has had any major breakdown and, in any case, explains that this fact is reflected in a drop in the price. Keep in mind that this type of information is very important to prove to your buyer that at no time are you going to cheat and that you are being clear with the sale of the vehicle; On the Internet, many deceptions move and you have to try to be as frank as possible so as not to waste your time, neither you nor the buyer.


Regarding the amount of money you want to receive for your product, at first pull up, if you do not hurry the sale. If after a few months you do not find a buyer, consider lowering yourself to the minimum that you consider acceptable. If you still can not sell the bike, think about the option to sell it by pieces.

There is also the option of transferring it; If you want to know more, we invite you to read our article about transferring a motorcycle where we specify all the steps that you must follow to do it.


In the contact information of the ad try to put a phone and an email . Thus, it will be easier for them to decide to ask you both who prefer a more personal treatment by telephone as those who are more in favor of a textual communication at first.


But if you do not want to sell the motorcycle online, remember that there are more possibilities for this and, one of them, is to go to a second-hand vehicle purchase and sale establishment and let them take care of processing the sale. This type of company will not charge you anything for doing this process but what they usually do is increase the retail price to take a commission.