How to polish the headlights of the car

The sun, the inclemencies of weather, the passage of time ... there are many factors that cause damage to the headlights of our car and make them lose their normal appearance, becoming opaque and dull . This is not only an unsightly effect but also causes the spotlights to light less and, therefore, it is also a matter of safety. To end this problem, we explain some tips on how to polish the headlights of the car and thus be able to shine them ourselves.

You will need to:
  • Masking tape
  • Water and soap
  • 100% cotton rags
  • Liquid polish
  • Water plate (optional)
  • Or use a headlight cleaning kit
Steps to follow:


The first step to polish the car's headlights worn by the sun and corrosion will be to put bodybuilder's tape - the adhesive paper, the same one used by painters - to protect the sheet metal around the headlights.


Also, those who know how to do it can choose to disassemble the headlight so that polishing is easier to do, but the truth is that it will not be strictly necessary to remove them.


Next, we clean the headlight with a rag soaked in soap and water to remove all the dirt and impurities that, if not, can scratch the headlight while polishing it.


Once clean, we apply a liquid polish or similar product on the headlight, such as those that are part of the headlight polish kits. The use of gloves is recommended to handle this type of chemical products.


Help yourself with a cotton cloth to spread the product throughout the lighthouse to be polished and always do it with circular motions .


You will see how, as you rub circularly the lighthouse with the cloth, the appearance of the focus will change and will become more transparent every time. It is recommended to apply the product used at least twice, for a better result.


Water sands of 2000 or 2500 can also be used to polish the headlights completely. Some cleaning kits are even included.


When we see that the headlights of the vehicle are no longer matt and opaque, but that they recover their initial transparency, we will proceed to change the used cloth (soaked in product) with a clean, dry cloth to make them shine again with circular movements.


It should be noted that this operation requires a lot of patience, since at least it will take about 25 minutes to polish a headlight and more time in case it is badly damaged.