How to drive with heels

If you are new to the world of driving there is something you are about to discover: the heels and the car can often be incompatible. But you do not have to start driving to realize it, just go out one day with some super heels of the house to notice that driving with them can be difficult even touching the danger. There are many who say that it is very risky to drive with heels, but is it true? Is there a way to do it without risking our security? In .com we answer all these questions, discover how to drive with heels and which models are more convenient to do so.

Steps to follow:


Although different investigations show that driving with heels can interfere with the safety of the activity, and although many women simply do not feel comfortable driving these types of shoes, others defend the use of this type of models drive. In Spain there is no law that prohibits it, however it is important to be clear about the risks to know why it is considered that this can be a dangerous practice.

Driving with heels is risky because:

  • The heels can get caught with the car mats, causing our foot to get stuck which can cause an accident.
  • Most models of this type provide great rigidity to the foot which makes our movements much slower and less agile. This, in short, is not convenient for safe driving.
  • The sole of this type of shoes is not usually conducive to driving because it is not anti-slip and in most cases does not adhere well to the pedals.
  • Very thin heels reduce stability to the foot, which can compromise safety when driving.
  • This type of shoes, due to its anatomy and rigidity, can produce tension and muscular loads during driving, which in addition to causing pain can affect our health and our efficiency in front of the steering wheel.

No one says we can not wear heels whenever we want, but when driving comfortable shoes are recommended, so bring a spare in the car is an excellent idea when we want to go out with this model but without risking safety at the wheel.


If despite all the recommendations you decide to continue using this model of shoes when you go behind the wheel, then it will be important to take into account some recommendations for driving with heels that help you to maintain safety. Choosing the right shoes is important to reduce the danger to this activity, so we recommend:

  • Choose heels that are not too high, because the higher our foot is more rigid when driving. Wedge shoes or platforms could be a good solution to ensure greater efficiency in driving.
  • Avoid very thin or needle heels, the thinner the less stable your foot will be on the pedals. Choose better thick heels, which will provide greater stability.
  • Heels are not recommended too sharp, as this will greatly hinder driving.
  • It is important that you notice the sole of your heels and the grip they provide. If the shoes have a very slippery sole, for safety it is better not to use them.
  • If the carpets of your car are old and battered, do not drive with heels directly. The possibility that the heel is hooked with this piece is very high, being able to produce a serious accident.
  • If you do not feel comfortable walking with that model of shoes it is important that you do not drive with them either, as you could cause an accident or have an unpleasant scare.


You already know the risks of driving with heels and what models to choose to do it in a safer way, but are these the ideal solutions? No, really the ideal solution is to have a model of footwear in the car that is comfortable and suitable for driving and that you can use when you feel like wearing a pair of heels but do not want to risk driving with them.

In this case it would be advisable to have a closed shoe that has an anti-slip sole or that adheres well to the pedals, that is flexible to allow movements and that perfectly hold your feet, in this way you do not run the risk of they get stuck with the pedal. Girls usually have an occasional piece of clothing in the car just in case, so having extra shoes that are comfortable and adequate to handle does not represent a great effort, especially when it comes to your safety.


Now that you know everything about driving with heels maybe you are interested in knowing some tips to drive with the greatest safety, so we invite you to read our article how to drive safely with keys that will help you manage effectively and safely .