How to tell my boss that I'm pregnant

Sometimes pregnancy and work is not very well seen in the company. Surely you will hear hearing testimonies of women who were fired after giving birth or even to find out the boss that they were pregnant. Even so it is something that can not be hidden for a long time and the sooner you communicate it, the sooner you will be entitled to the protection measures of companies to pregnant women. In .com we give you some guidelines on how to tell your boss that you are pregnant.

Steps to follow:


The first thing you have to do is choose the best time to talk to the boss. Keep in mind that the sooner you communicate the news, the better you can organize the workday to attend the typical medical check-ups. So, go ahead!


Better to tell your boss that you are pregnant at a time when you are alone or at a company lunch, at a relaxed time between colleagues. This is how everyone will find out and it's news that always cheers up all your colleagues.


Keep in mind that as a pregnant woman, the company will not be able to force you to work overtime and in the case of having a job that may be risky for pregnancy, the boss must transfer you during pregnancy to a position in another department, Much better if it's in the office than outside of it.


There are companies that allow their employees to have a more flexible job during pregnancy or, even contemplating the reduction of the working day. Speak quietly with the boss. This will also depend on the months you are pregnant.


Communicate the news as relaxed as possible. Be honest, since that is valued first and foremost. And just in case the boss does not attend to reasons, if he has children, he appeals to the feeling and remind him of the time his wife told him she was pregnant. That softens the heart to anyone.


Once you have communicated the news, give her a plan in which you indicate the approximate date in which you will give birth. Also note in this calendar, the dates of visits to the gynecologist, as well as the time you anticipate that you will be off. Surely the boss thanks you and will be glad of the good news.