How to get a job after a layoff

Finding a job can be complicated and especially after a layoff, but we should not think that it is an impossible task. It will only be necessary to take into account some considerations and, above all, that your attitude at all times be as positive as possible. Therefore, in this article we want to give you a hand and we offer different tips on how to get a job after a layoff.

Steps to follow:


First of all it is important to emphasize that, depending on the type of dismissal that has been carried out in your case, the process of assimilation and moral recovery can vary. And it is that it will not be the same in case of a collective dismissal that one unjustified or, obviously, voluntary; In this way, you probably need to let some days pass before you start looking for a new job. Likewise, turn to your family and friends to feel supported and share this experience that is never easy to cope with.


However, you must be clear that to start looking for a new job will be an indispensable task, because life goes on and you can not stay anchored at this point. You should not see the dismissal as a failure, but as an opportunity to find a better job or in which to learn other things.

In the same way, you should not rant and criticize the previous company even though it was an unfair dismissal or you did not finish too well. You never know if in the future -near or far- you will have the possibility of returning to join that company or with people who are part of your previous team.


We will try to maintain the most cordial relationship possible and, at the same time, try to get letters of recommendation and good references from your former superiors so that we can present them when looking for a new job after dismissal .

In the same way, this will be a good time to update the curriculum and add all the training and experience you have acquired in your previous position. To find a new job, you must update the CV, as well as the photograph, and make sure that your contact information (telephone, e-mail, etc.) is still valid. It will also be very important that you adapt the curriculum to the job offers for which you apply, both in content and format. We recommend you read our article How to improve my curriculum, where you will find more advice on this task.


After a dismissal, it can also be a good time to expand your training, learn new languages ​​or do a recycling course. For example, studying online is a convenient and practical way to study and acquire knowledge, in addition to the offer of courses is infinite and you will surely find one that you like and adapts to your needs.

In turn, it will be a way to keep you occupied and distracted, thus preventing you from spending the day circling the fact of dismissal or other issues related to it. It is about thinking positively and putting all the enthusiasm and means to find a new job.


Regarding the sources where to look for a job, they will depend on your professional sector or the job you are looking for. While it is true that behind was the time to seek employment through the newspapers, there are currently many ways through which you can look for work:

  • Unemployment service
  • Online employment portals
  • Contacts
  • Social networks

So, in addition to enrolling in the unemployment service -'to sign up for unemployment 'as we would call it colloquially in Spain- through which they can offer us vacancies, it will also be interesting to use websites that collect job offers or send our CV directly to companies that result from our interest.

Similarly, never underestimate the value of contacting people in the sector or acquaintances who may know of a job vacancy or even search through social networks, such as Linkedin and even Twitter, for example doing searches with the hashtag #employment and other keywords as the name of your city.


Do not forget that looking for a job is a job in itself, so it requires total dedication and absolute motivation; set a schedule in which to put yourself to it, as if it were a job, and do not take it as something banal. Nor should you despair at the first change and decide to throw in the towel if it seems that they do not call you or do not respond to your e-mails. Your thinking should always be positive, since the attitude takes a fundamental value when it comes to finding a new job.