Types of maintenance for my car

Our car is one of the most important pieces of our life as we use it often, it allows us to go from one place to another and also gives us unique sensations, but our car requires maintenance so that the safety at the wheel and the durability of the car is the correct one. In this article from .com we want to give you some general advice so that you know what are the different types of maintenance that you should give to your car .

Car corrective maintenance

The corrective maintenance of the car is one in which we do not do anything special for the maintenance of that piece, it is simply waiting for it to break to repair it. It applies to all parts of our car that can not be easily checked, which are almost all: alternator, injection, the BSI .... or those whose cost is very low: a lamp .... or those that have self-diagnosis and warn when to repair them: ESP, ABS, catalyst

  • Advantages: it does not require dedication time for maintenance.
  • Disadvantages: every time the lake breaks, the workshop car. Sometimes the breakage of a piece implies damage in many others.

Preventive maintenance of the car

It consists of following the manufacturer's instructions, which are detailed in the vehicle manual by type of service and the time periods in which the maintenance operations must be carried out.

  • Advantages: reduces the time of immobilization of the car and visits to the workshop.
  • Disadvantages: it is the most expensive of all methods.

Predictive maintenance of the car

The predictive maintenance of the car is when diagnoses or measurements are made that allow predicting if it is necessary to make corrections or adjustments before a failure occurs.

  • Advantages: Reduces the cost of maintenance and visits to the workshop.
  • Disadvantages: you have to know how to measure the state of use of the pieces.

Inspections that we must do to the car

The inspections of operation, adjustments, repairs, cleaning, lubrication among others must be carried out periodically through a plan established on a monthly, semi-annual or annual basis.

However, it is important to check regularly, by simple observation, tire condition, brake lights, directional lights, among others. Also be aware of any abnormal noise.