How to cure conjunctivitis in cats

Conjunctivitis is one of the most common eye diseases in cats under 6 months of age. In most cases this problem arises from pathogens that cause diseases, especially of the respiratory system. Conjunctivitis is very important to detect it in time because it has a high contagious power and can leave terrible consequences such as loss of vision or the eyeball if it is not treated well. From .com, we tell you how to cure conjunctivitis in cats.

Steps to follow:


Conjunctivitis manifests in different ways : the presence of tearing in the eyes, which becomes mucous and even purulent, the conjunctiva becomes inflamed, becomes red and edematous. If you notice any of these symptoms go to the veterinarian immediately to examine your eyes carefully and diagnose the disease and its subsequent treatment.


The veterinarian will examine your cat's eyes with depth and determine the type of discharge. The most common treatment is based on antibiotics to kill the infection, but it is not the only way to treat this problem.


Apart from treating the infection with antibiotics, it is also recommended the use of frequently used topics in the eyes that will be administered every 2 or 4 hours according to your veterinarian. In addition to medication, you should clean every day the entire eye area with saline and gauze to prevent the accumulation of secretions.


You can also treat the conjunctivitis of your cat with natural supplements so as not to weaken the immune system with so much medication. You can use herbs such as burdock, rosemary and Chelidonium majus, you can combine them and make a tonic with boiling water to treat inflammation. With that solution once cooled you can apply it on the eyes with a cotton ball. You can also use apple cider vinegar diluted in water, and clean the entire area around the eye.