Why my car does not accelerate

The question of why my car does not accelerate has very varied answers, some very simple to solve and others that need the work of a professional mechanic and a significant financial outlay. In any case, it is important to remember that with a good maintenance of your car you will reduce to the maximum the possibilities of the vehicle reaching this situation. In .com, we answer the question of why your car does not accelerate.

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One of the most common reasons that the car does not accelerate well is that the clutch does not properly engage the gearbox with the engine due to a mechanical error, with the result that the car does not accelerate . You must go immediately to your mechanic to verify the cause of the problem and solve it. Read this article if you want to know how to properly use the clutch of your car.


A failure in the operation of the car's timing belt can also be the reason why the car does not accelerate . This vital piece in the car does not usually give problems, so most drivers do not pay special attention, beyond the care that can provide the mechanic in periodic reviews. However, to avoid situations such as the car does not accelerate, it is necessary to do an adequate maintenance. Check this link about when to change the car's timing belt.


The answer to the question of why my car does not accelerate can be found in a very dirty gasoline filter, which will end up preventing the fuel from getting enough energy to the engine to produce the movement. In relation to this cause of the car does not accelerate, we can also mention that a tank about to run out can also cause the car does not accelerate .


Sometimes, a car does not accelerate due to an error in the electronic system, if it has the same one. For example, there are many times when this electronic system warns that the car is emitting too much smoke and causes the car, little by little, to lose strength until it can not accelerate, due to what it understands as a " Pollution error. " In this case, the fault is in the electronic system of the car and you will have to go to a workshop specialized in this type of problems so that you can solve it. We warn you that repairing this type of damage is not exactly cheap.


The ones we have described in this article are just some of the most common answers to the question of why my car does not accelerate . However, it is a problem that is important enough for you to go to your workshop for a review.

A car that does not accelerate when the driver requires it can compromise the safety of the occupants of the car and those of other cars traveling on the road, so a professional must get down to work with him to fix the fault.