When should I change the car's clutch

There is no specific mileage or time period that determines when we should change the car's clutch . That is, we only have to change it at the moment we notice that it does not work correctly. A car that makes many trips around the city, with constant stops and starts, will have more possibilities of spending the clutch than another that usually travels by road. In .com we answer the question of when I should change the clutch of the car .

Steps to follow:


At the moment when the clutch disc wears out, we will notice that it scrapes when we put in a gear. If this happens, the disk fails to properly fulfill its function of transmitting the power of the engine to the gearbox and the ground.


A clear symptom that the clutch has to change is if we notice that, when we want to overtake or on a hill, we accelerate and the engine revolutionizes but does not really increase the speed.


We must also think that we have to replace the clutch when changing from one gear to another, we note that it is not done smoothly, but we have the feeling that it scratches and even, despite having the right speed, we notice that it costs to enter the marches.


From the physical point of view, a shorter than usual travel of the clutch pedal is showing that the disc is starting to wear out .


We can do a test to check the degree of wear of the clutch, although it should not be done frequently, since the check itself contributes to shorten the life of this component. We must have the car engine on and the parking brake on.

Then, we accelerate at the same time that we release the foot of the clutch, little by little, and in third. When the car later on to stall, the clutch is worn out .


Although there is no specific mileage that indicates that we must change the clutch, since everything depends on the use we give to the vehicle and the quality of the materials, as an indicative figure can point the 150, 000 kilometers.