Halloween poems

Halloween, also known as the night of the witches, is a festival of Celtic origin that is celebrated especially in the United States, Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom on the night of October 31. In this article we show you some poems that you can teach your children or students about this holiday.


It's the end of summer

and the harvest ends

it is the soul that hallucinates

to the distant spirit.

The return of the dead

It certainly has to happen

the graves have to be broken

It's the sure thing, the truth.

The dark night black

sunrise orange

will shatter your power

the house will be safe.

Sweets and food

will provoke your attention

it is an illusion celebration

daring celebration.

The ghost

This is the story

of the ghost Fair

that every night

He dies of fright.

Live the poor guy

in a subway

between some spiders

raised for years.

As soon as it gets dark

groans of dread

Will he come tonight?

What a scare! How awful!

At twelve o'clock

Luis Vampiro arrives

I came to accompany him

They are very good friends

Tell me, ghost!

What frightens you?

Ask the mummy

from your corner.

Cry the ghost


and then whispers:

I fear mice!

Miss witch

To be a beautiful witch

you should always smell garlic,

have a greenish face

and the scrub hairs.

Be bony and orejuda

and look in the nose

a hairy wart

long as a worm.

Have a single tooth

and a colossal hump.

Speak with a shrill voice

and lean on a broom.

If besides all this

you always wear dark

and you live in an infected place,

You will be Miss Witch, sure.

The Cucufate ghost

The Cucufate ghost

yesterday there was a stifle:

It got chocolate

the cotton sheet.

He put it in the washing machine,

he put a lot of detergent

and washed it half an hour

with very hot water.

And now as a soul in pain,

angry and afflicted,

wander of battlement in battlements:

The sheet has shrunk!

It reaches him by the knees,

just like a shirt,

and it shows the calves

and the stockings of sock.

It has a huge dislike

because, front or back,

Who will he kill with fright

a ghost in a miniskirt?

Among the pumpkins

Among the pumpkins

the eyes in flame

they reflect in the embers

the blackness of the sky.

Oh costume!

you hide behind

of that mask

in gray presence

of night shine

hide your presence

agitated in murmur ...

They dance on your pupils

from midnight

the mysterious pendulums

Checking twelve.