How to give syrup to a cat

The administration of medicines in cats is not an easy task, but if your cat has to start a treatment you will have to learn the simplest way to give him the medication he requires. If for your cat to get well you need some kind of syrup, we recommend that you keep reading so you do not have any problems. In .com we tell you how to give syrup to a cat.

Steps to follow:


It is usually much easier to give liquid medications than pills to a cat, although it is true that each cat has a tolerance level to the administration of drugs. To start you have to keep in mind that the syrups have a very strong smell and you have to camouflage a bit with some wet food . It is a good recommendation to mix with the syrup and your cat will attract attention.

Grab a bowl, choose a pâté that is very tasty, put the prescribed dose of syrup and then cover completely with wet food. You will see how your cats will approach with a lot of curiosity and will fold the container.


Another way to give syrup to a cat is with a plastic syringe if the liquid is not too thick it can be a good method to administer this medication. You will have to put the prescribed dose into the syringe (without a needle), hold your cat in its arms, hold its snout and keep it tilted upwards. You will not need to open your mouth, simply insert the tip of the syringe on the side of the mouth and carefully squeeze it so that it can swallow the liquid without risks.

You must be very careful because while you feel the syrup you can feel the impulse not to swallow it and first of all you should not introduce very fast the medicine because it could be diverted to the lungs.


It is usually considered that liquids are a very fast, easy and effective way to give medicines to cats but if done with little care you can have some scare. In fact, the syrup is usually a format that cats reject very easily, it can happen that once you put the syrup in your mouth, start to regurgitate and make a lot of foam in your mouth.

It is a reaction of extreme rejection and displeasure, in that case, it is recommended that you dilute the syrup with a little water and try again to administer the medication with the syringe.


A final recommendation to give your cat a syrup is to use the mummification technique that involves wrapping your cat in a towel . It is a trick that will help you keep your cat still and even more relaxed and safe. You have to cover the entire body of your cat, and leave his head uncovered; It is a very useful method to give all kinds of medicines, including a syrup. By having it wrapped like this, you will prevent it from pulling, scratching or escaping.

You can place it on a raised surface so you can grab it with one hand and with the other hand pick up the syringe. If you can not do it alone, ask someone to help you hold your cat, while you put the syringe in the side of your mouth. Remember that in the end you should give him a good reward for his cooperation, caress him and let him know well that you have done it.