How to care for a cold water fish

The care that a cold water fish requires is basic, but we should not think that it is a secondary task. In addition to choosing an aquarium of sufficient size for the amount of fish we have, we must continuously observe our fish to verify that their appearance is normal and that they do not have strange behaviors. In we explain how to care for a cold water fish .

Steps to follow:


In the surveillance we will have our best ally to take care of our fish of cold water. In this sense, once we have chosen an aquarium, the water filter and we have placed it in the right place, out of the reach of other pets such as dogs or cats, basically, the question of infrastructure is saved.


Regarding the behavior of cold water fish, we must watch that they eat the food that we provide and that they do not isolate themselves. With a performance like this, they could be manifesting a disease.


We should also worry if we check that the fish rubs too much against the rocks at the bottom of the aquarium. This is something they usually do when they suffer from white spot disease, a parasite that causes them to itch.


Another issue that we should be aware of is that the fish do not fight each other . It is normal for them to play and interact, but aggressive attitudes reveal that there is a problem. Some of them may be sick or there is not enough space in the aquarium for all the fish.


At the time of introducing a new fish of cold water in the aquarium, we will have to consult previously if it is compatible with the species that we already have.


If your fish regularly poke their mouths over the surface and emit a kind of slight panting, there may be a problem with the filter and the cold water is not being maintained in the proper conditions.


In general, monitor the condition of the skin, scales and fins of your cold water fish. If you notice profound changes accompanied by a strange behavior, it could be a symptom of some disease.