How to care for betta fingerlings

Do you have an aquarium and do not know how to care for the betta fry ? Well, we invite you to continue reading so that betta pups always go forward with the best care. We are going to give you advice so that you take good care of your betta fish without taking any risks. The beta fish or splendens is one of the most popular for its stunning image, with its beautiful fins and colors, its ease of adaptation and resistance. In .com we tell you how to take care of the betta fry.

Steps to follow:


Once the betta fingerlings get out of the eggs, they will feed on the bag for 2 or 3 days. After this period they will swim vertically and if they fall from the nest the male betta will be responsible for picking them up and uploading them again. About 3 or 4 days later the fry will start to swim in horizontal mode being a very complex stage for the male betta because it will spend a lot of time looking for and catching the young throughout the aquarium.

It is at this time when it is recommended to separate the male because he can become overwhelmed, abandon their young and even attacking them. Once the male of the offspring is separated, we will have to feed the fry and provide them with the optimum conditions for their development.


It is very important that during the first weeks of life there is no current in the aquarium that drags the fry and puts their life at risk. If you want to include some ventilation, make sure it is a slight ventilation that does not generate danger. After a few weeks you have to introduce a light filtering system and also a ventilation system to break the surface and the young can begin to develop a respiratory system.

The betta is a fish that can breathe without problems from the surface and is at 3 or 4 weeks of life when they begin to develop the labyrinthine system that allows them to breathe. In this article we discover how to take care of the fish correctly.


Regarding feeding, betta fingerlings must be given live food . Depending on the size of your young you could give infusoria and artemia to the smallest that you can buy in any specialized animal store. As your little ones grow up you can start giving them daphni, earthworms and red worm.

If you find it difficult to get this type of food you can also get liquid food for oviparous fish . It is very well priced and in any establishment you can find it. It is a good way to feed the young until they grow a little. You should give him one drop per meal and feed him 3 or 4 times a day . Anyway, the best food is the live food, so do your best to get it.


If you want your fry to grow fast you can introduce guppy pups the same size as them. They will be a perfect example for your baby betta since they will imitate everything the guppies do. This type of fish eats everything that is thrown into the aquarium. As time passes, if you notice that some bettas grow disproportionately you will have to separate them so that the big ones do not eat the little ones. When you notice differences between males and females you have to separate the males because if they do not start to have fights.