Where are the green points of Barcelona

The green points or clean points are special centers where the waste that can not be recycled in the containers on the streets is received. The waste that is accepted in the green areas are: drugs, clothes, cooking oil, fluorescents, used light bulbs, batteries, lacquer containers, residues of paint and solvents, ceramics, old kitchen utensils, shaving foam, deodorants, products cleaning, cans, mirrors and windows, porexpan, cork and aluminum plugs, used pens and pencils, lighters, used notebooks, old mattresses, furniture and appliances. To know where the green points of Barcelona are you will have to follow the following instructions:

Steps to follow:


Go to the official website of the Barcelona City Council.


A screen like the one in the image will appear. We explain what you have to do, it's very simple:

In the bar above you will have to select the waste you want to undo (for example we have selected (arerosols i esprais).

In the bar below write your address (we have put c / muntaner)

Once you have done this, click on "encircle". They will show you a map with the green points closest to your home. If you click on these they will tell you the exact address where you will find them.

  • In each municipal district there is information of where are the green points of Barcelona