How to improve the work environment

Having a pleasant work environment in which employees or members of your team feel comfortable, is essential to enhance and ensure productivity. A happy work team, that relationships in an adequate and positive way, will generate better results than those employees who are tense or uncomfortable in the performance of their daily tasks. But the big question is how to improve the work environment?, in .com we give you some keys to achieve it successfully.

Steps to follow:


There are many ways to improve the work environment, some of them are to make reforms and changes in the physical space that make it more pleasant to employees, others have to do with the application of certain strategies and approaches during daily work and finally there are those basic measures that will promote a more efficient and pleasant work for all.

Among the basic rules for a suitable work environment are:

  • Respect all employees and encourage respect among them.
  • Develop and strengthen an effective and adequate internal business communication.
  • Draw goals and realistic projects that can be carried out by employees at an appropriate time.
  • Be flexible but without affecting the mission, vision or results of the organization.


A basic factor to improve the work environment and also ensure that employees are more sociable, is to learn to communicate with the work team in an appropriate manner. Communication channels must be guaranteed and strengthened to ensure productive team work, so it is recommended:

  • Conduct regular team meetings to set goals, make changes or improvements and work as a team.
  • Keep employees informed about changes and developments in the organization that affect them.
  • Establish a direct and individual communication link, workers must know clearly who to turn to in a situation or labor or personal conflict.
  • If a problem arises with an employee we must also communicate directly with him to resolve it without intermediaries.


An excellent way to improve the work environment that will also help make all employees feel more happy is to encourage flexible schedules. Strict schedules prove to be increasingly obsolete, and that is to set flexible hours allows your employees to more effectively combine their personal life with work, which undoubtedly reports a greater motivation and benefits.

You can set two working time slots for each employee to decide which one suits you best, for example 8 to 5 or 9 to 6, plus you can reduce the number of hours to work on Fridays or set a calendar in which 2 Fridays month employees can work only half a day. Other organizations have also successfully established the possibility of working one day from home.

All these changes show the employee that is valued as a human being and not simply as a tool to produce results, an important motivation in a world in which it is increasingly difficult to reconcile personal and work life.


Motivating the work team is essential if you want to obtain a working environment in which everyone feels at ease. Having a boss or supervisor who constantly emphasizes our mistakes or failures, completely obviating the moments in which we perform outstanding work, is very frustrating for any employee. Do not forget to tell your employees when they do it well, congratulate them for their achievements and encourage them to achieve better results, you will see how this simple gesture favors the work environment.


If there is something unpleasant and annoying when working, it is to have outdated equipment or processes . Working with a computer that does not work well, having old computers that do not perform, with a slow internet connection or with a chain of processes that have not been optimized for years can generate frustration and demotivation in employees.

Make sure to keep your equipment and processes updated in order to offer the best work tools to all.


Ensuring that the physical workspace is adequate is undoubtedly basic to improve the work environment, and can be easily achieved by taking into account some suggestions:

  • Make sure that employees have a comfortable and adequate eating area where they can also have a refrigerator. If you wish you can incorporate a coffee maker.
  • The air conditioning and heating systems must work perfectly in order to make the environment suitable for the job.
  • The jobs must be comfortable and allow the employee to work without problems.
  • Make sure the office is clean and in good condition. A good decoration can also improve the motivation to make it work at ease.


Last but not least, it is essential to take employees into account and make them feel they are being heard. Therefore it is essential that you establish an open communication channel in which workers can express their doubts, concerns or suggestions either by going directly to you or through a suggestion box or email.

When you meet with your work team always listen to what they have to say, take it into account and make them feel that their contributions are worth, this will undoubtedly make them feel an active part of the organization helping to improve the work environment day by day.