How to start looking for work without experience

Are you going to look for work for the first time ? If you are thinking of starting out in the working world or starting your professional career, the most likely is that you do not have experience and that you feel a bit overwhelmed not knowing where to start. You should know that, currently, there are great facilities to find employment and young people without experience can enter the work world. In this article we tell you how to start looking for work without experience telling you where you can find employment and how you can successfully overcome your first steps in your work life.

Steps to follow:


The first thing you have to do before starting to look for work without experience is to make a resume . If you do not have professional experience, surely you have training and / or special courses of some kind. In addition to these data, in a resume for an inexperienced person it is recommended to talk about your labor interests, your motivations and your strong points to stand out as a person (for example if you are punctual, responsible, sociable, etc.). In we give you 10 steps to make a résumé without experience.

It is essential that, along with your CV, include a cover letter where you present a little, talk about your motivations, your expectations and what you can contribute as a worker. These letters are a very strong and positive point at the time of the selection process because with only the curriculum it is difficult for them to get an idea of ​​your person. In this article we tell you how to make a cover letter so that you can do it following the usual structure.


Once you have the CV and the letter created, it is time to start looking for a job . You should know that there are currently a lot of websites that offer you the possibility of finding work without experience since they have a filter that is precisely "No experience"; the system will detect you the companies that look for candidates that are not necessary that have experience and, therefore, you will be able to apply to the employment without problems.

Usually, in these pages it will be necessary that you register, upload your CV and, in addition, include the information again in the system. Once you have it, you can sign up for job offers and they will get in touch with you, in case they want to interview you, through the contact phone you have left or the email.


You can also start looking for work without experience by going directly to stores or shopping centers with the curriculum in hand . Although we have invaded the Internet era, the truth is that there are many establishments that still continue to put a sign "You need staff" and receive CV in hand; This is because they prefer the direct tract with the possible worker and know him in person from the first moment.

To give the CV in hand you just have to dress well, comb and show your best smile; You see store by store by going to the person who is dispatching and asking if you can leave a CV.


You can also go to temporary work agencies ( ETT ) that are responsible for finding candidates for other companies that require workers. This type of company usually has jobs of all kinds: from qualified professions to summer jobs or a few months.

The good thing about ETTs is that they have a large portfolio of companies that look for different worker profiles so if an offer does not fit with you, the safest thing is that there are others that do. Search your city for this type of company and get in touch with them to have a personal interview and tell you which is the most suitable job for you. They will look for interviews and it will be very easy for you to start working without having experience.


Another option to which you can resort in case you want to work for the first time is that you pull contacts or relatives who have some kind of business; For example, if your neighbor has a stationery you can talk to her to see if she needs help. Giving voices and telling others that you are looking for a job can be a good way to find a job and start working. Family, friends or acquaintances can have a vacancy or know some ideal position for you so do not cut and talk to everyone.


In the event that you have just left the career and want to start working in your professional sector, one of the easiest ways to enter your field is through a bag of practices. You can find practices by speaking directly with your school or university or, if you prefer, you can search for them yourself through web pages specialized in internships. This is a good way to launch and enter the world of work that your studies allow you.

If you do not want to do an internship, a good way to find qualified work without having experience is to look for the websites of the companies you would like to work in, find a contact email (if it can be the best HR) and write an email with a cover letter and your attached curriculum. In we tell you how to respond to a job offer by email.

Another way to start working without experience is to become a freelance . If you can not find work of your own or you want to be your own boss, you can sign up as a freelancer and start looking for projects that fit your profile. In this article we give you some tips on how to start working as a freelancer.


A fundamental part to start looking for a job is to write a good CV . We have different articles aimed at making a good CV, although if you want to go a step further, there are specialized web pages such as LiveCareer that will help you prepare a good CV and find a job.