How to de-stress from work

Disconnecting from work when we leave it is not always easy, and is that some people have a habit of bringing labor problems home, maintaining a constant state of stress that is very difficult to control. Knowing how to separate what happens in our employment from our personal life is very important, because this will allow us to live a much more peaceful and happy life. That's why in .com we give you some options to know how to de-stress from work and get to enjoy more time at home with your loved ones.

Steps to follow:


The first step to de-stressing work is to understand that work only occupies a part of our life and not its entirety. The hours we spend in our work are not and can not be all, they are not the only priority or purpose of our existence. Understanding that we do not live to work will help us understand that while we are in our work schedule it is important to give our best, but when we leave our work area it will be important to learn to disconnect to enjoy all the good things in life.


Having a life after work is essential to eliminate the tensions produced in our day to day and give more value to the moments we experience when we finish the day. Some ideas of great activities to disconnect at work are:

  • Exercising when leaving the office is an excellent ideal to feel good. Among the many benefits of physical activity highlights its ability to reduce stress and make us feel good. Running, swimming, practicing a sport, skating or going to the gym are excellent alternatives that should be put into practice.
  • Dedicate yourself to enhance your hobbies and give space to the activities you enjoy the most. No matter what you like, a moment of your day will make you feel much better.
  • Plan meetings with friends or family to help you completely forget about work and enjoy the rest of the day in a calm and happy way.


After a day of fatigue and work activities, nothing better to de-stress from work than go for a walk and enjoy the fresh air. Visit a park near your house, establish a route that you can follow on foot, take a walk alone or accompanied or leave with your pet to enjoy the end of the day.

Stretching your legs, doing some physical activity and breathing fresh air will make you very well after a long day of work.


If you have children an excellent way to eliminate stress from work and forget about it completely until the next day is to play with your children . The game reduces tension, entertains us and also allows us to share quality time with the little ones. In that moment, forget that there is something else and let yourself be carried away by the dynamics of the game and the fun.

They can do activities at home or go skating, biking or take a short walk together.


If you have a partner then one of the best ways to de- stress from work is to plan activities together that allow them to share, have fun and forget about what happens in their respective working hours. Going to the movies, going for a walk, eating an ice cream, meeting some friends or playing sports together is an excellent way to share a fun and special moment without thinking about the least of the work. You will see how after a few minutes you can not even remember that you were tense because of the work.


But to forget the work stress is not necessary to be accompanied by anyone, and is that you can also perform some fun activities alone that will help you to disconnect and put you in a good mood. In .com we recommend you:

  • Watch a movie, preferably some humor or a funny plot that helps you laugh without thinking about anything that stresses you.
  • Read a good book, those that get you so much into the plot that you can not think of anything else.
  • Enjoy some chapters of your favorite series, an excellent way to fill our free time.
  • Listen to music, dance and sing to drain tensions and forget about everything that bothers you. You'll see how good you feel when you finish.


And after a very stressful day you can also do some relaxing activities that will leave you as new and without a drop of stress, so we recommend you:

  • Give yourself a good anti-stress bath with some relaxing essences like lavender that will help you forget everything that worries you in minutes.
  • Attend a yoga class that will make you feel like new and free from the annoying stress.
  • Practice pilates, another good option to drain tensions effectively.


Taking a short nap to recover energy can also help you forget about work and rest a bit. In addition you can add to your routine some anti-stress infusions that will allow you to keep the tension at bay once and for all.