How to tell my boss that I leave the job

There are situations that cause more than one headache to anyone. One of them is to tell the boss that you leave the job. It is necessary to know how you should warn that you leave the work in terms of legal issues, but also how to do so not to leave a bad taste in your mouth and that the relationship between employee and employer flow equally well even when they no longer work together . Since we offer some tips on how to tell your boss that you leave the job.

Steps to follow:


When you plan to leave the job, perhaps, for another better job, you must know ahead of time. If you want your future exjefe to keep a good concept of you, let him know that you quit the job ahead of time. Keep in mind that, most likely, you need to find another employee to cover the functions that you have been developing so far. Check the minimums established by law in our article How should I tell you that I'm leaving the job?


There is nothing like thanking the boss for his help in developing your work in the company. Although it is a lie, the best thing is that you do not get bad with him or with your colleagues, you never know what you may need from them in the future. You do not create unnecessary enmities.


Be discreet . If at the moment you are only going to communicate the decision to the boss, avoid being possible to become the talk of gossip in the company. It is better to first know the boss that you leave the company and then the rest of your colleagues and not the other way around.


Do not leave pending tasks or problems, since that will only cause your superiors to hold a grudge for leaving unfinished tasks. Remember that your job is to leave the company with as good references as you entered.


There are times when you are so essential to the company that your boss may counteract your attempt to get out of the business by offering you something much better. Do not deny yourself the first time. Rate all your options. Think carefully and then decide what is best for you.


When you present your resignation to the boss, also give him a good letter explaining the reasons for the resignation. Be politically correct and avoid writing it with grudges of some kind. In that case, the Internet can be very helpful, since you can find completely aseptic resignation letters, which can be used for any job.