How to control nerves in a job interview

A job interview can become a very stressful time for many people. It is not uncommon if we think that we are playing a job or an improvement in our professional career. And it is those nerves that precisely play tricks on us, causing us sweat, insecurity or stuttering when we are in front of our interviewer. However, there are some techniques that will help us a lot to control nerves in a job interview .

Steps to follow:


The first step to face a job interview with a good attitude is to be positive . To think that we are going to achieve it and to go with an attitude of security, will make our brain receive positive messages that will reinforce our security and poise when it comes to talking with our interviewer.


Of course one of the keys to go more safely to a job interview is to prepare the interviews . Before going, we must investigate the company for which we are applying the work, we must also review our CV and see how we can "sell" it better to each interviewer. It is about adapting our profile to the candidacy. Going prepared for the interview will help us to better control our nerves . Forget improvisation because it does not work.


If you notice very nervous at the time of starting the interview, you can pick up some object between your hands such as a pen and try to control the nerves by manipulating it, as well as a notebook. These objects help channel the nerves.


Controlling breathing is essential when controlling nerves. There are yoga or Pilates relaxation techniques that you can use perfectly before an interview. Try to breathe deeply 4 or 5 times, slowly. You will see how controlling your breathing improves your control over the nerves.


Nerves often play tricks on us and there are times when nerves become sweat. If it is your case, it is better to choose breathable garments, cotton and colors that do not sweat. If you are waiting for sweat, you will lose the thread of the conversation.


If you notice that you stutter or that the words do not come out, try to speak more slowly. The important thing is that you have a coherent and calm speech . It is normal that you are nervous during the interview but think positive: you can control the nerves. Try to lower the rhythm a bit and understand the words well.


We tell you again to think positive. A job interview is not the end of the world and if one has not gone well, the next one sure will work out better. Do not throw in the towel, keep preparing. Go back to face the following interview with a positive attitude. Interviews also require training and as you do interviews, better trained you will go. Think positive, do not forget that positive attitude is transmitted!