How to hire a self-employed worker

The contracts no longer exist or, at least, those that the company registers in the Social Security to its employees are disappearing. If, due to circumstances, your business also requires the hiring of a self-employed worker, it explains the steps to follow.

Steps to follow:


In order to hire another person, the employer must first register as such and receive a Quotation Code . These procedures are carried out in the office of the General Treasury of the Social Security. All the workers under his charge will be linked to this number assigned to him.


Since you are going to hire a self-employed person, first make sure that said person is registered with the Social Security. Therefore, you should request a document that proves that you are registered in the Social Security, as well as it is possible to request a self-employed report.


After this, a contract is formalized . This contract can be civil, commercial or administrative. When going to hire a person, obviously it must be a civil contract. It must be formalized in writing and must include, at least, the start date of the activity. Both parties must sign it.


The payment of the services is made when the self-employed person delivers an invoice to the employer . The agreed amounts will be reflected in the contract signature on the invoice. The VAT and withholding tax will be reflected in the invoice, as long as the services that are being provided are subject to these taxes.


As a general rule, the self-employed do not have the right to vacation in the company . Unless another type of contract is formalized or those in which are economically dependent self-employed . This figure arises if at least 75% of the income of that person, they perceive to provide their services to a single company.


If you intend to hire an economically dependent self-employed person, you must also sign the contract in writing. In this case, the worker will have the right at least to have 18 working days of vacation.