How to check documents

When it comes to bureaucratic procedures, it is very common for us to be required to submit certified documents . But, do you know what it is about? It consists of the copy of an original document, whose accuracy has been checked and verified, that is, it has been verified that the original has not been modified by copying it. If you want to know more about certified photocopies, do not miss this article about how to compile documents.

What is a certified photocopy?

When we talk about compiling documents, we refer to the fact of " collating a copy with the original document to determine its accuracy ", as the RAE affirms.

Therefore, when requesting a certified photocopy they must add a stamp or some other accreditation that justifies this accuracy and veracity between the copy and the original document.

How valid is a certified document

The documents or copies certified will have the same validity as their originals, although this does not prove the authenticity of the original document.

Compulsory exams may be required in different areas such as academic, legal, real estate, etc.

Where documents can be certified

When compiling documents, it will vary a lot depending on the country or region where you live, as well as for what you need the certified photocopy. The normal thing is that the Administration or official Organization where you must deliver the documents is who makes the certification, as is the case of the registration offices. Likewise, a notary may also carry out the certification of documents and guarantee the veracity of the same.

For example, in the case of Spain, the municipalities of both Madrid and Barcelona carry out documents that will be delivered to their registration offices. You can read more information on their web pages.

How to check the DNI

One of the documents that we need to compile most often is our national identity document (DNI) and to carry out the procedure and get the DNI certificate, you must take into account the following steps:

  • In general, the certification must be carried out by the body or institution in which the procedure is carried out. For example, if you need the certified copy for an educational grant, it should be the corresponding educational body that makes the said certification.
  • When the above is not possible, it is advisable to go to the body responsible for issuing such documentation, in this case as it is the DNI, should be the National Police. You will have to go to the nearest police station in your home so that they can complete the process.
  • In order to confirm the DNI, you will need to bring your original ID and two photocopies of it, which contain both the front and the back of the card on the same page.

If you carry out these steps, you will not have any problems and you will obtain the certification of your DNI immediately.