How to buy a domain in Blogger

Blogger has decided, for some time, to stop offering a little customized service of predetermined templates and to start giving away the user with different tools that allow him to create a defined identity through the Internet. One of them is the service of being able to buy your own domain and get rid of the generic one (; to have one we have to pay a low fixed fee, usually annual. If you want to take a step towards personalizing your blog, follow the steps below:

You will need to:
  • Internet connection.
  • A computer.
  • A Gmail account
  • An account in Blogger.
  • Credit / debit card
Steps to follow:


Go to and access your blog.


Go to 'Configuration', then select 'Publication' and click on 'Custom Domain'.


Write in the form the address you want your blog to have, that is, your domain . Then press 'Check availability'.


In the new window, Google will inform you if the possible name for your domain is available or not, as well as the price of it (10 USD = 7, 50 € approximately). Read the features of the service offered to you and then select 'Proceed with registration'.


Enter the access information to the domain you are going to use by filling in the form. Study how long you will need that domain and activate / deactivate the option 'Renew my registration automatically every year' as you wish. Press' I accept. Go to Google Checkout. '


Read carefully the details of the order and add the details of your bank card to proceed with the purchase. Once finished, click on 'Accept and continue' and the domain will be all yours.

  • Be patient with the registration of your domain; sometimes it takes minutes, sometimes up to 24 hours.
  • Blogger will redirect your .blogspot address to the new one.
  • The price of the domain varies according to the one you choose: the price of a .es, .net or .org varies completely.