How to become the boss

That in the work there is a good communicative environment, friendly and cheerful is a positive point for all since with a good atmosphere you will go more happy to work and you will be much more productive. Likewise, getting along with the boss or manager is basic if you want your time in the company to be bearable and rewarding. In order for all of this to flow you must earn the trust of your superior and show that you are valid in your position. In .com we want to give you the keys so that you are well seen by your superiors and get valued and recognized in your work. Learn how to get the boss right by having him as an ally will be much easier to be proactive, effective and effective.

Steps to follow:


Initiative and activity . Every boss likes to see that his employees take the initiative, that they are active and that they are prepared to face any kind of solution. Take your job as something important, do not settle and show that you have much to contribute. Of course, try not to get over it. Remember: he is the boss and he is the one who makes the decisions.

In this article we tell you how to be proactive at work.


To be good to your boss you must always be willing to take new risks or help out whenever he requires it and in whatever is necessary. This attitude will be a point in your favor, since your superior will see that he can trust you when things go wrong.


Resolution. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes, you the first. So you must be decisive and face difficulties with a good attitude. Become involved in the work and show that just as you are wrong you can mend the error with ease, agility and good ideas. Do not hide when something goes wrong, your boss will appreciate that you are capable of making your own mistakes and that you try to find a solution quickly. Responsibility, determination and audacity are values ​​that you must strengthen.


Know your boss well and understand what is tolerated and what is not. There are many types of superiors, some more empathic, others less. No matter how friendly your manager is, you should not exceed the limits, as it can bring you problems. Always treat him with respect, because he does not stop being your boss. Remember it.


Show your character If you want to fall well your boss should not go unnoticed or be a gray worker, without more. Of course, you must understand that having personality does not mean being despota, unfriendly, or bad companion. The arrogant and arrogant attitude will not go well for you to please your boss. You should make yourself known with sympathy and above all in the way of proceeding and working. Only then you will earn respect for your work environment.


Sincerity is a key point to please your boss. If you do not like something, tell it . Of course, looking for the right words and with the relevant education and respect. Remember that he is not a colleague. Being a good employee also means saying things you do not like or letting your superiors know that injustices are being committed. While this point is bold, knowing your boss well you can know to what extent and how you can prove your disagreement.

Of course, we do not recommend that you do it in all cases and recurrently, because the courage that can be assessed at the beginning can turn into impertinence, which your boss will hate.


Mutual respect. If you want your boss to respect you and treat you with love, you must show your absolute respect . First of all, a superior is a superior, and that must be kept in mind. Getting along with your boss is easy if you both want it to be. However, good treatment and cordiality must be present, no matter how difficult it is to establish another link with your superior.


Keep your promises and do not remain in evidence in front of your boss. Your goal should be to show your values ​​and aptitudes for your job and not disappoint, more if you have promised to reach certain objectives. Be committed and you will get him to help you in case the situation gets difficult.


Know your preferences but do not be a ball . Many bosses detest the rally, nevertheless, it is necessary to know what your boss likes to redirect your attitudes. In no case we propose that you stop being who you are, but that you adapt to the personality of your boss. If you know that you do not like certain attitudes, the best thing is that you do not have them. In this way you will ensure that going to work does not become a hell. Not all bosses are the same: find out how yours is.


Make yourself worthwhile and make your boss recognize your work virtues. You must be brilliant at work so that your boss will notice you and reward you for it. Take the opportunity to show your talent, your ideas and your goals whenever you have the chance. Surely he will value it.

In we tell you how to excel at work.


Be sure of yourself and leave aside fear and insecurity. Sometimes, you have to put value and risk to win. Although you must keep in mind that your boss is your superior, in essence we are all equal so you must be honest. Fears will only denote inability and insecurity in you. If you do not believe in yourself, why should your boss do it?


Finally, remember these five phrases that will be recurrent and will help you to impress your boss, if you want to surprise, give a good image and make your superior take you into account:

  • I've got a solution
  • I have an idea
  • I got this
  • I can do it
  • I can help?

Remember that your words must go according to your actions. Providing ideas and solutions, wanting to help and improve and being always ready you will generate an excellent impression to your superiors, however hard they may be.