How to write the ordinal numbers in English

Ordinal numbers are those that denote the position of an element belonging to an ordered sequence. In English, generally, these numbers are formed by adding the -th particle to the cardinal number. But, as always, there are some exceptions. In this article we show you how to correctly write the ordinal numbers in English.

Write the numbers from 1st to 5th in English

1st (first), 2nd (second), 3rd (third), 4th (forth), 5th (fifth)

Write the numbers from 6th to 10th in English

6th (sixth), 7th (seventh), 8th (eighth), 9th (ninth), 10th (tenth). Trick to memorize them: To memorize these numbers remember that you will only have to add the -th particle to the cardinal number with the exception of the 9th one, the e will be suppressed and it will be ninth.

Write the numbers from 11th to 19th in English

11th (eleventh), 12th (twelfth), 13th (thirteenth), 14th (fourtennth), 15th (fifteenth), 16th (sixteenth), 17th (seventeenth), 18th (eighteenth), 19 (nineteenth), 20th (twentieth) Trick to memorize them: To learn how to write these numbers you will also have to add the -th particle to the cardinal number minus the twelfth to be written.

Write the numbers from 21º to 99º in English

To know how to write these ordinal numbers correctly we just have to know how to write the tens of these numbers.20º (twentieth), 30º (thirtieth), 40º (fortieth), 50º (fiftieth), 60º (sixtieth), 70º (seventieth), 80º (eightieth), 90º (ninetieth). Those that do not finish in zero will write them with the cardinal number followed by a script and the ordinal number of the units. Some examples would be: 27º (twenty-seventh), 42º (forty-second), 79º (seventy-ninth), 91º (ninety-first).

Write the numbers from Del 100º to 900, 000º in English

If we want to write any number from 100 to 900, 000 in ordinal we only have to write it in cardinal and add the -th particle where necessary. Some examples would be: 100º (hundredth), 900º (nine-hundredth), 467º (four-hundredth and sixty-seventh), 1000º (one-thousandth), 15327º (five-thousandth and three-hundredth and twenty-seventh). These last numbers are not used normally but, at least, when reading this article you will have learned to write them.