How to feed a ferret

Do you have a ferret as a pet? Let's tell you what your little friend should eat to keep him healthy and strong. Ferrets are carnivorous animals, so to be well fed they must feed on meat derivatives to get the necessary proteins. The ferret's digestive system is very thin, and its digestion is very fast, therefore the food intake must be with specific and appropriate food for them. In .com, we tell you how to feed a ferret .

Steps to follow:


To feed your ferret well, you must always give him specific food especially for him. It must provide the necessary nutrients that facilitate rapid digestion, because otherwise, they could cause diarrhea, inflammation, among other health problems. In addition to not having the necessary amount of nutrients.


The best option to feed a ferret is with commercial feed prepared to meet the needs of ferrets. Years ago it was difficult to find special feed for them, but today in Spain there are several brands of high-end dry food, which is ideal for feeding a ferret. In addition, it prevents the formation of tartar very typical in these pets. There is also humerus food for ferrets, but it has been proven that due to its higher water content, it has insufficient protein levels for your ferret. The feed must contain a minimum of 30 or 35% animal protein (chicken meat meal, veal, turkey, never by-products such as blood, legs, etc.), 15 or 20% fat and maximum 4% fiber.


You must monitor your ferret's diet very much, and any change you wish to make must be done gradually so as not to cause any digestive upset. You can also feed your ferret with high-end cat feed, since they have very similar nutritional needs. What you should never give is dog food because it lacks taurine, an essential nutrient for your ferret. It is very important that the food does not contain much salt or sugar, and that the percentage of meat is at least half. Do not forget to always leave your clean water available to your ferret, so that it is well hydrated.


Your ferret can also eat other types of foods such as: chicken meat, turkey, beef, horse, but they should never be eaten raw or semi-cooked. It is important that they are cooked because they can contain bacteria dangerous to the health of your ferret. Never give raw pork, because you can transmit the lethal Aujeszky virus. You can also eat wheat and corn flours in small quantities, as they can cause digestive problems and predispose to the development of diffuse insulinoma.


You can also give your ferret different types of prizes as a reward for his good behavior or simply because you want from time to time: some cooked rice, dairy products such as unsalted cheese, unsweetened natural yogurt, milk without lactose, baby food baby that does not contain much salt or additives, ripe fruit such as banana, apple, vegetables or vegetables such as pepper, cucumber, cooked egg yolk, among others. These types of rewards should be given infrequently, but in small amounts they are not harmful. You can also give prizes in the form of dry ferret or cat food.


To feed your ferret well, you must take into account that food is not advisable : raw fresh fish, since it destroys vitamin B1; cow's milk, since they do not tolerate lactose; corn or popcorn, because of its high fiber content; onion, because it can cause anemia due to its disulfide content.

There are also other foods that you should never eat such as: pork, remains of human food, chicken bones, goodies for people and chocolate.