How to travel with my dog ​​on a boat

If you are one of those who think "not without my dog" and the means of transport of your next vacation is the boat, do not worry, in this article we offer you all the information so you can travel with your dog on a boat without unforeseen events. Although there is still no common national regulation, here are some tips for your pet to accompany you on your boat trip.

Steps to follow:


You must bear in mind that, when traveling with your dog by boat, you must notify the shipping company in advance . Traveling with your pet will involve an additional cost that you should take into account when planning your vacation.


Most shipping companies have their own carriers enabled for pets, but you can usually carry yours if it complies with the measures and features set by the company. If you prefer to use your own carrier, make sure it is in perfect condition and complies with the regulations.


Make sure that the dog gets on the boat tied and with the muzzle put correctly to avoid unforeseen events.


It is possible that some member of the crew will ask for the sanitary card of the dog, so it will be necessary that you take it by hand.


It is important that the dog feels comfortable during the boat trip, so try to leave your favorite toy or blanket inside your carrier.


If your pet is prone to get nervous during trips, it is recommended that you consult your veterinarian beforehand, as you may need some medication against dizziness. It is also advisable that the dog fast for a few hours before the crossing to avoid vomiting.


Do not forget to consult the regulations on pets of the company with which you travel, as some conditions change according to the company.