How to travel with my dog ​​by plane

When a long absence arises or when a family decides to move definitively to another nation, there is a concern that immediately arises for those who have a can: what to do with it? How is the process to get him out of the country? Well there are some important things to take into account, so in .com we give you the step by step so you know how to travel with your dog by plane.

Before buying the ticket

Whether for a national transfer or for one outside the country, before buying the ticket online, in an office or agency, you must inform that you plan to travel with your dog since the planes usually have a limited quota for animals, in this way if the day you want to fly that quota is already full, you can locate another flight quickly and in a timely manner.

The requirements of each airline

To take your dog by plane, do not buy a cage for trips without knowing what are the specifications of the airline you will travel, what kind of cage they require, their measurements, etc. In addition, if your pet weighs less than 6 kilos and the flight lasts four hours, some companies offer the possibility of transporting it in the cabin instead of in the warehouse, but you must notify before buying the ticket, as the quota in the cabin is also exhausted.

Once you know the requirements of the airline, then you can choose the right carrier.

What you need for a national flight

If you travel within your country the transfer is usually simpler, simply inform the company that you will go with your dog before buying the ticket to guarantee a place, make sure that the cage in which you will move it is appropriate, take with you the vaccination letter of the animal and asks if the airline does not require a health certificate, some ask for this voucher that must be at least 10 days old.

What you need for an international flight

Within the European Union there are clear requirements to travel with your dog by plane:

  • Your dog must have a passport issued by a veterinarian, which includes vaccinations and immunizations against certain diseases, this document is valid for all EU countries except for the United Kingdom, Ireland and Sweden, whose particular requirements you must certify with the consulate.
  • Take into account that some nations outside the EU require that the pet has been previously quarantined, so when in doubt call the consulate of the destination country to know what you need to take your dog by plane there.

How to prepare your pet to travel by plane

  • Weeks before the trip you must accustom your dog to the presence of the cage, place it where it eats or sleeps so that it makes a positive association, and allow it to enter and leave it freely, this is very important and you can not ignore it
  • The day of the trip prepares the cage for your comfort with a nice cushion with its smell and several of its toys to distract you, if you can your plate of food also take it to make you feel at home.
  • Try not to feed it at least 5 hours before the trip to avoid vomiting.
  • Keep calm if the animal will not feel your anxiety, when you leave it in charge, say goodbye in a calm and natural way to avoid stressing even more.

General recommendations

  • If you have previously traveled with your dog on an airplane and know the requirements regarding the cage, then verify that it is okay, that it closes correctly and that it has not deteriorated in a previous transfer.
  • Bathe your dog the day before the trip, because some airlines do not accept animals that smell bad.
  • It is not advisable to sedate the animal, if you want to evaluate any option to keep it calm consult the veterinarian.
  • There is the option of inserting an electronic chip in your dog, in this way you will be able to track its location in case of loss, take it into account.

  • If you have any doubts regarding the health of your pet or recommendations in specific cases, consult your veterinarian