How cats see

Do you want to know the mysteries of the catlike look? Have you ever wondered how the world sees a feline? Humans and cats have many things in common, but the vision of the cats has some peculiarities that we are going to unveil. Keep reading and discover some of the keys to the visual perspective of cats and hallucinate with their wonderful and exceptional way of seeing life. In the following article of .com we explain in detail how cats see.

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The field of vision of felines is wider than that of humans. That field is the area we see at the moment the eyes focus on a specific point, and it includes what we have in front, what we capture above, below and on the sides of the focus area. The eyes of cats have a field of view of 200 degrees, compared to 180 of human vision.


The felines, unlike humans, see more blur during the daylight hours, because the cells that receive light in the eyes of cats are different from ours. Although both have black and white vision sticks with dim light, and cones to differentiate colors in bright environments, the reality is that the cells are not distributed in the same way. In felines, canes predominate and in people, cones are more numerous. In addition, rods are not directly connected to an eye nerve, because unlike humans, they connect to each other first forming groups of cells. This makes them look much better in low light or dim conditions. And during the day, cats have a somewhat blurred vision because the rods do not send enough information to the brain.


Felines see up to eight times better in dim light than humans, and that is that the vision of cats has evolved in this way so they have excellent hunting skills during the hours of less light. Wild cats needed to take so much time to hunt, that their eyes adapted to the shortage of light to be more efficient. As we have commented in the previous point, in the eyes of the cats the canes predominate and that is why the felines see between six and eight times more clearly in the dark.


Another peculiarity of the vision of cats is that they do not see black and white. The cats have no interest in colors, that obsession with color is rare in mammals, except in the case of humans. People have three types of color receptor cells: red, green and blue, but cats like dogs do not have red cone, and that's why they only see colors like yellow, green or blue. Apart from not perceiving the red colors and their respective tonalities, they do not perceive saturated or vivid colors either.


Cats have larger eyes than humans, the result of that need to prolong hunting activity for longer. Having such large eyes also entails certain difficulties, since it is difficult for them to focus more. People have muscles in the eyes that distort nearby objects to see them better, but for cats it is much more complex because their eyes work as if they were a camera lens. In short, his near vision is not as good as that of human beings.


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