How to treat cough in kennels

The kennel cough is a viral disease that affects the dogs and the main symptom is dry cough. The best way to treat cough is through a good prevention strategy, not forgetting the vaccination of your pet at 6 months. And to avoid taking risks with this type of cough you have to remember the annual vaccines especially if your dog is in contact with other dogs regularly. In .com we tell you how to treat the cough of the kennels.

Steps to follow:


The name of this disease is due to the fact that shelters or adoption centers where there is a large concentration of animals, is the ideal place for this virus to contract and spread easily. It is a disease similar to the flu that people suffer, although it is not identical.

It is a virus that should be detected early and treated because it is very contagious. In cases of animals with a depressed immune system it can be fatal if it is not detected early or is in an advanced stage.


The main symptom is intense and dry cough . The expectoration is so strong that the dog can get to vomit occasionally or even expel foam through the mouth. Although it must be borne in mind that vomiting is not necessarily a specific symptom of kennel cough.

This disease can be mildly reflected with mild cough and without fever. If this is the case the virus will disappear without having to be treated. But in the most severe cases, the dog experiences febrile states, constant dry cough and greenish phlegm . If your dog suffers these symptoms you should go to the veterinarian to prescribe a treatment to treat them. In this article we give you some keys so you can detect if a dog has a fever.


The most common medications prescribed to treat kennel cough are syrups and antibiotics and are used to treat symptoms. Depending on the condition of your dog, you will need a different medication that your veterinarian should prescribe. When the treatment starts, it is normal for your pet to start improving within a week.

There will be dogs that will also need anti-inflammatories and antibiotics to treat coughs. If your pet lives with other dogs while he is sick it is convenient to isolate him because it is a contagious disease. The cough is spread by bacteria that expel the dog when coughing.


The best way to fight the cough of the kennels is with the specific vaccine for this virus. This vaccine is applied when your pet is 6 months old and is vaccinated again every year. This annual revaccination is essential in dogs with lung problems of the respiratory type, heart diseases or that will spend some time in residences along with more dogs.

Something to keep in mind is that it is in the fall and winter when the cough of the kennels causes more havoc. The cold attacks the defenses of dogs and it is at that moment when the virus invades the body. In we give you some home remedies for coughing dogs.


You have to understand the importance of vaccination, there are many pet owners who do not vaccinate against this type of cough and then come the dreaded consequences. In animal shelters to live together many, the cases of this disease multiply with a single outbreak of this disease. So the responsibility is to prevent and vaccinate to avoid unwanted infections.

Apart from medical treatment there are certain guidelines that should be followed to care for your sick pet and recover as soon as possible. To begin with, you should avoid smoking at home or near your pet because it will cause more coughing and irritation of your throat.


One way to alleviate throat discomfort to your pet that causes coughing, is breathing vapors with mint essence . You will have to heat water with essences of this type of herbs and put the casserole in the area where your dog sleeps or spends more time resting.

You can bathe your pet but you will always have to dry it immediately so that no traces of moisture remain on your coat. When you are sick, it is not recommended that you do physical exercise, since the air that enters quickly will irritate the respiratory tract and worsen the cough. In these days it will be better to avoid the collar so that it does not press the throat, you could use harness or a handkerchief to hook the strap.