How to treat ringworm of my rabbit

Rabbits are small mammals of the order of lagomorphs, such as hares. Although in many countries they have traditionally been bred (and still bred) to be used as food, their character, docile and affectionate, has made rabbits one of the most popular pets. One of the most common diseases in rabbits is ringworm, caused by fungi that affect the skin. In .com we explain how to treat ringworm in a rabbit .

Steps to follow:


Shave the hair that is around the injuries. Although it is not essential, it can help healing, especially if there are bacterial skin infections associated. Do not forget to disinfect the utensils you use (scissors or machine).


Apply a topical product (on the skin). Povidone iodine is relatively effective in the treatment but there are other drugs, prescribed by veterinarians in the form of ointment, which are more useful and specific.


Oral treatment In the most severe cases or those that do not respond to the previous measures, it may be necessary to use medication that is administered orally (in the form of pills), which your veterinarian will prescribe.


Ketoconazole (10 milligrams per kilo of weight per day for a minimum of two weeks) or griseofluvin (25 mg / kg / 24h for one month) are usually used. However, both treatments must be prescribed by a veterinarian, never give them to your rabbit on their own.

Be careful as both can cause abortions (so they should not be used in pregnant females) and griseofluvin also causes diarrhea and blood disorders.

  • We recommend taking your rabbit at least twice a year to the veterinarian for a review.
  • Ringworm can spread to humans, so you should take precautions: use gloves to manipulate the rabbit and disinfect the utensils you use with povidone iodine.