How to treat canine otitis

Otitis is one of the most common diseases in dogs. It is very important to identify it in time to treat it and make your dog feel good. The causes are different by which this disease can be caused , from a parasite to an allergic process. If you see that your dog scratches his ears too much to the point of hurting himself, he has more cerumen than normal, smells bad, is swollen and, besides, nod or go with his head to one side, go to your veterinarian because he will need to be treated . In the following .com article we explain how to treat canine otitis .

Steps to follow:


It is paramount that you do not allow your dog to scratch roughly, as it can hurt itself.


If your pet usually has otitis it is advisable to check it periodically every 4 or 6 months to avoid relapses.


You must clean your dog's ears . At your veterinarian you can find specialized fluids to clean your dog's ear. Apply this liquid and make a light massage at the base of the ear, then using wet wipes designed for this purpose or wet gauze removes accumulated dirt. Never clean beyond what you can see. Do it regularly by removing the hairs from the duct and maintaining excellent hygiene throughout the pavilion. If you do not know how to do it, ask your veterinarian, although in the next point I give you some advice.


To clean your ears regularly your dog must take into account:

  • Do not use a swab of your ears, since you can hurt him unintentionally since you do not see how far it goes.
  • Do not use a paper to clean it, because you would not clean it properly and there would be remains.
  • Do not use any product or administer any treatment without being told by the veterinarian.
  • Remember to clean the folds of the ear as it usually accumulates dirt.
  • Try not to bathe while you have otitis.


Prevention is the best cure. To do this, remember to clean your dog's ears with damp cloths once or twice a week in case of dogs with drooping ears and every three weeks in case of dogs with vertical ears. You can also use wet wipes that are sold at the vet that are already prepared for this use.


Canine otitis should be treated properly by a professional so that it does not result in a worse case. To do this, go immediately to your veterinarian to give him the treatment he needs, which will surely give him antibiotics if it is serious.