How to treat my dog's dermatitis

If you see that your dog has dermatitis, white pellets appear as if it were dandruff, it scratches frequently and besides it bothers you and you feel irritated, would you know how to treat it to relieve the symptoms? That's why from .com we want to guide you with these tips on how to treat your dog's dermatitis.

Steps to follow:


You have to see why it is scratched, for that, watch your dog, where it plays, how and where it gets when you take it out on the street. Check your dog carefully, see what he eats. If you have fleas, you may be allergic to them. You should take him to the veterinarian to assess if he is allergic to fleas and if so provide him with appropriate treatment.


Notice that scratching has not made any wound, because you can be infected. In case you are already infected, take him to the veterinarian to prescribe antibiotics.


If your dog spends a lot of time in the garden or somewhere outside of the house, notice that there is nothing out there that causes irritation. See if it rolls anywhere in particular. If your dog already has dermatitis, avoid being in the garden for a long time until it improves.


Valora change your feed. Sometimes dermatitis can be caused by food deficient in nutrition. Ask your veterinarian for advice to recommend whole feed that will help your dog to be healthier.


Bathe your dog frequently, in this way you can free him of all dirt. Use a soap that is suitable for your skin, to take care of it and protect it.


If it is not any of the above causes, take your dog to the veterinarian to assess what may be causing the dermatitis and rule out that it is due to a virus . If your dog has a virus, the veterinarian will be in charge of advising you the best treatment.