How to treat a newborn puppy at home

A puppy arrives home: be welcome! This is a great news that makes the whole family happy and happy, but it is very important that we do the things that touch so that the reception and adaptation of the puppy is as pleasant as possible. Read carefully and give your dog a lot of love with these two tips will be easy.

Steps to follow:


The first thing we have to take into account so that our puppy is well is that we should treat him with the maximum sweetness, speaking slowly and always in the same way. Do not scare him or shout at him.


Think that the little puppy has just left his mother and his brothers, and that you are for him unknown beings, very big with two long legs and two very long arms that try to catch him.


Another very important thing to keep in mind: the puppy is like a very small child and needs its hours of sleep and rest between games and between meals. You have to keep in mind that the puppy does not have enough energy to play long.


As for the food you should give your puppy, it is best to tell the vet, which should be fed with boiled rice with minced meat, four or five times a day.


It is very possible that your puppy is afraid or rebellious and preponderant, wanting to bite you with your baby teeth. Do not be afraid, our friend just needs to get used to it. Do not be afraid, our friend just needs to get used to it.


Give your puppy a hard rubber ring, never balls since these are dangerous. Your teeth will be strengthened by playing with the hoop. Never give him bones to chew, even when he grows up.


Do not leave needles, thimbles, ropes, soldiers ... you can swallow them.


Be careful with curtains, upholstery and armchairs. Little by little you must teach him that he never has to touch them. Do not beat him, just tell him: No! After this he will obey you meekly.


It is very important to teach your puppy to respect, from the first moment, the chair where your father takes his nap, and the basket of work. It would not be nice for either of you to find your chair occupied.


Until the puppy has learned to relieve himself, it is customary to do so on a piece of newspaper placed on the balcony or in the garden. Your puppy will learn to always go to the needs on the sheet of paper. Then, to make yourself understood, he will lift his leg when he is 6 or 7 months old. It is important in the care of the puppy that educate you to integrate into your family.


As for the place where your puppy should sleep, you should sleep in your bed, alone. Various types of dog beds are sold in appropriate stores.


Play your puppy but do not make him a clown : what gives more rage to a true connoisseur of animals is seeing a dog with a newspaper or a package in his mouth.


When you leave home, take your puppy tied: you will avoid being in danger and provoke an initiate.

  • It is not recommended to bathe the puppy until he is 6 months old.