How to take a dog's temperature

Caring for our pet and providing all the necessary attention is key to maintaining your health. That's why when we notice our animal is languid and apathetic it is normal to think that it is sick, and that they can also suffer from common ailments such as colds, stomach infections or fevers . Being aware of the symptoms your pet presents is very important, however there is only one way to confirm if your temperature is higher than normal: using the thermometer. Do not know how to do it? In .com we explain how to take a dog's temperature step by step.

Steps to follow:


The normal temperature of a dog usually oscillates between 38.5 ºC and 38.8 ºC, being able to vary depending on if it is a puppy or an adult dog, if it is a female in heat or if the animal has just exercised, in which case the temperature will be higher.


There are several conditions that can cause fever in the dog, the most common are infections by parasites or bacteria, the spread of a virus, colds or any other fault that affects the immune system of the dog. The first step is to identify the symptoms of the animal to evaluate if it is necessary or not to take the temperature, in our article how to know if my dog ​​has a fever we explain the main signs of this condition.


Once you are almost certain that the animal has a fever, it is time to confirm it. For this you should use a preferably digital thermometer like the one used to take our own temperature. This thermometer should be used exclusively by the dog, since it will be placed rectally to achieve more reliable results and should not be used by anyone else at home.


Bearing in mind that the most reliable way to take a dog's temperature is by introducing the thermometer in the rectum, you should imagine that this situation can cause some nervousness and discomfort in the animal, so it is recommended to do it between two people.

To start the dog must stand while someone trustworthy and pleasant for the animal holds, in turn the other person should enter the thermometer previously smeared with a little Vaseline to make it easier to enter. The thermometer should be in the rectum until it beeps indicating that the temperature has been captured, it is very important that during the process we comfort the dog with caresses and affection to make you feel better.


It is important that, once you have taken the temperature of the dog, note the result to communicate it to the veterinarian in case it is higher than normal. Other useful recommendations when using the thermometer in your pet are:

  • Do it always before feeding it, because after eating and during digestion the body temperature may increase. It is also not convenient to take the temperature after exercise.
  • If you have to take the temperature several times a day, do it every 8 hours by following the instructions above.
  • It is always recommended to use Vaseline to facilitate the process.
  • Once you finish you should clean the thermometer very well with a cotton soaked in alcohol.
  • You can reward your dog with a canine cookie at the end to create a positive association with respect to this procedure.


If the temperature of your dog is higher than normal, it is recommended to consult the veterinarian because it is important to determine the origin of this symptom to ensure the welfare of your pet.