How sharks reproduce

If you are fascinated by the world of sharks, you will surely be interested to know how they come to reproduce as there are some that are mammals but others that lay eggs to be able to have offspring. There are many types of sharks in the sea and, for this reason, different ways of having children that have a direct relationship with the species have been detected. To try to understand this topic, in this article we tell you how the sharks reproduce, starting with the method of attraction, mating and the appearance of the young.

How sharks are attracted

As soon as a female shark reaches adulthood, its body releases chemical substances that come from its hormones and are the ones that attract the male. It depends on the shark species, these substances will be one or the other but they can become very similar between different specimens.

When a female shark has sent the message that it is ready to be fertilized, the males will begin to surround the female creating what is called the " circle flight ", that is, they will surround the female by swimming in circular movements. At this time it is likely that there is some struggle between the males who want to gain the land and become, thus, the dominant male .

As soon as it has been determined which of the males will be the one that will mate with the female, he will approach her and make a bite to express that he is interested. Although it seems an aggressive act, the truth is that the female hardly feels the bite and there are usually accidents because her skin is always thicker.

As soon as the female accepts the male, the moment of mating begins. To do so, it only takes the clásper that the male shark has on each side of its body (the clásper is a modification of the shark fins that allow the entry of sperm into the body of the female) into the female . When it is achieved, the male will leave and she will be the only one in charge of having her young without the male interfering in the process again.

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Reproduction in sharks

We have already told you at the beginning of this article that there are different ways that sharks have to reproduce as it depends on the species that we are talking about. In general terms you should know that there are three methods of reproduction in sharks that refers to the type of gestation that the female experiences:

  • Viviparous : they are sharks that, like humans , breed their offspring inside the body of the female and give birth to their young when they are ready. As soon as the mother gives birth to their children, they abandon them because they are already born with instincts that allow them to survive without any instruction from the mother.
  • Oviparous : they are the sharks that lay eggs and, when they hatch, it is when the hatchlings are born. The place in which the eggs are protected is always a hidden area away from any type of attack by another dominant species. Anyway, these eggs have a protective cover so even if they were attacked it would be quite difficult for them to break them. The average number of eggs that a female puts when fertilized is about 100.
  • Ovoviviparous : it is a mixture between the previous two, that is, the female lays eggs but these develop inside her body. The majority of shark species reproduce in this way and consists in that, once the eggs hatch, the young leave the body of the mother giving birth to them as do the rest of the viviparous.

In this article we tell you in a generic way how the animals reproduce so that you know what are the methods that are used to perpetuate the animal species.