How the Boxer behaves

Despite its somewhat sad and grumpy expression, the boxer is one of the most intelligent and noble dog breeds that can exist, being also one of the best for families with children . This nice animal will immediately become a loyal pet, so if you are thinking about adding it to your family, in .com we provide you with some clues about its character, discover how the Boxer behaves

Steps to follow:


This animal has a stable character, is a very patient and friendly dog ​​with children, and manages to live perfectly in a family environment


The Boxer is a race full of vitality that loves to exercise and play, so for them the attention and pampering, as well as the hours of fun are important


Despite being a fairly noble animal, its strength leads it to become a good guardian for the home, it is not considered a defense dog, but it can play an interesting role in this aspect


His past as a hunting dog and his great strength require that the animal from puppy be driven to socialize with people and pets, otherwise it could become complicated to control it in the presence of other pets or strangers, so training is important


It can adapt without problems to an apartment, because it does not usually present a destructive behavior too strong, however exercise is vital for the boxer, so you should go for a walk and have fun every day


The boxer is an attentive and curious dog that makes it easily excited, so it is not recommended for people too nervous, because their attitude could be annoying for them, however it is one of the qualities that many appreciate and that is a but very awake


This dog is a great pet, capable of giving and receiving love, always ready to play and show all its nobility of character, but it is important to accustom him as a child to other people and animals in this way you will get well with everyone