How to get my passport to my dog

Do you like to travel with your dog ? Have you got an adventurous pet? Do you think your little animal is the right partner to know the world ...? In that case you should know that pets, like humans, need your identification to travel . In .com we tell you how to get the passport to your dog and travel the world quietly with your pet and without problems.

Steps to follow:


The first thing you should know is that, to make the passport to your dog, you must first have your pet perfectly identified. This means that it is absolutely necessary that you have put a microchip, something that you will get, without any problem, at the veterinarian.


Any veterinary clinic, likewise, can proceed to the preparation of the passport for your dog, once it already has a microchip. In this second step, the doctor will ask for your documentation. If the dog was not in your name, in that case you must provide, along with your ID, photocopy of the ID of the owner of the animal and an explicit authorization .


Once the veterinarian checks the data of the owner in the Computerized Animal Registry of the Company (RIAC), the passport can be issued since the data must coincide with the RIAC. This makes it necessary that if the owner or address changes, the RIAC will be officially notified before requesting the passport for the dog.


Another indispensable requirement for your dog to get his passport is that the animal is vaccinated or revaccinated from rabies . The vaccination data of your pet will appear in the passport from the date of issue of the same and the card will no longer be necessary, since it will be replaced by the new document.


Once the information on the back cover of the passport has been filled out, it is separated from it and sent, within a maximum period of 7 days, to the Official College of Veterinarians. You do not have to worry about anything, because your usual veterinarian will also take care of this management.


Animals with less than three months of age can not have a passport and, instead, if you plan to travel with them, you must previously request an express authorization from the country to which you are traveling.