How to know if a border collie is pure

Breed mixtures are very common in the canine world, however, those who wish to have a can of a particular breed and that it is pure may need some help to make sure that the dog that has indeed is of a specific breed. The good news is that each breed has specific characteristics that can help you determine if the dog is a product of a mixture or not.

In the case of Border Collies, both their characteristic look and their fur are some of the indicators that can help their owners to know more about their origin. If you have one and want to dig deeper, this article is for you, because you will learn how to know if a Border Collie is pure .

Steps to follow:


The border collie is a herding breed originally from the United Kingdom, specifically on the border between Scotland and England. However, already in the Celtic communities there was a precursor of this race that was used to work with livestock. In fact, some researchers say that it is possible that the name collie comes from the gáelico, since it means "useful", and that it was its displacement to the border between Scotland and England which gave rise to the "border", since it would mean "dog" useful border. "

Being a herding breed, it means that instinctively they should possess skills for the guidance of other animals in the open field. In this case, pure Border Collies are very good at grazing sheep, as they can run around in great detours to group the flock. This includes his capacity to impose his authority not only corporally but also with his characteristic look with which he manages to communicate very well.


To know what a border collie is like, we must begin by looking at the physical characteristics of a pure border collie and that it should comply with certain parameters, according to the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (Federation Cinológica Internacional, the body that promotes the rules of dog breeding). ):

  • Height and weight: approximately 53 cm in height at the withers (the part where the trunk of the animal meets the neck at shoulder height) and weigh up to 20 kilos. The females should be a little smaller.
  • Coat: can be long or short, although the latter is usually less common. In both cases they have a double layer of dense hair, which protects them against the cold.
  • Color: although multiple colors are accepted, ranging from brown to blue, reddish and even merle, the rules of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale indicate that in a pure border collie the white color should not be the one that occupies the most space in the coat of the can.
  • Eyes: they must be well separated and be brown, except in some specimens that could have one or both blue eyes.
  • Ears: erect or semi-erect and alert to any type of noise.
  • Body: must be athletic and with a muscular back.


There are also other ways to know if a border collie is pure and have to do with their behavior. Being grazing dogs, they have an innate need to be in contact with nature and to stay active . In an urban context, this could translate into a great accumulated energy on the part of the animal and a natural ability to want to run, jump and exercise. A healthy border collie who shows no interest in movement or being outdoors is probably not pure or even if he is genuine he may feel frustrated if he is in a small space where he has no tasks to fulfill and even not being well.

Therefore, it is convenient to have a border collie only if you have a garden or a nearby open space in which the dog can walk and exercise, so you will get proper care of a border collie.


By having a natural ability to work, a pure border collie can be an excellent guardian of the family or house if you are specially trained for it. In this way, the potential of their instinctive abilities is better exploited and the dog will feel satisfied to fulfill an assignment.


The bordier collie is a very intelligent animal since not only is it capable of learning in a short time, but it retains what has been learned in the long term, making it ideal for training. He is a very loyal and committed dog, so they will not rest until they achieve the task that has been assigned to them, so it is very common to see them stand out in obedience tests.

In this other article you can learn how to train a border collie.


Now that you know how to know if a bordier collie is pure, you can compare these characteristics with your pet and take advantage of the full potential of this incredible breed. If this article has been useful for you, you may also be interested in knowing how to know if a German shepherd is pure.