How to know if a bull terrier is pure

The most direct ancestor of the English bull terrier is the bull and terrier, a breed originated in the first half of the nineteenth century in England from the English bulldog and the terrier and created expressly as dogs of prey and fight, which later served to guide and take care of the cattle and as a companion animal. Luckily, today his main function is just to share a home with his family and offer us a lot of company and fun.

Despite their origin, these dogs are excellent companion animals, and one of the most faithful and fun dog breeds that exist. So, if you just adopted a puppy that looks like this extraordinary breed, or you bought it but did not have a pedigree, they told you it was pure and you want to prove it, in this article we explain how to know if a bull terrier is pure .

How to be sure that my bull terrier is pure

The only way to be 100% sure that our furry is pure is that we have access to its pedigree or pedigree, a document that accredits on behalf of the FCI or Fédération Cynologique Internationale that this can in particular has several generations of ancestors of that same pure race, without having joined with others.

There are two ways to get this document, which is useful for you to know if your dog is pure or not, for beauty contests and for competitions and breed exhibitions. The first way is that if you buy a puppy from a professional breeder, through this international canine federation, offer you the official document as your genealogical line is pure. The second way is that you go to one of these contests or exhibitions of races in which juries are experts of these institutions and, therefore, can review your can and tell you if you meet the required measures for the standard of this race or not and if yes they will give you the official document.

Also, if you are not interested in this role but you know out of curiosity if your bull terrier is pure or not, you should think if most of the physical and personality features that we are going to detail below fit with your pet or not.

Another way, very reliable, is to go to your trusted veterinarian to tell you if your puppy or adult dog is completely bully or if it has traits of other races.

Physical standard of the bull terrier

The bull terrier is one of the breeds easier to recognize due to its oval head without stop (that is, the curve in depression that goes from the front to the nose), so it follows the same line from the head to the truffle, and its small, triangular-shaped live eyes.

According to the FCI, bull terrier are allowed in various colors . Although the best known is white, there are also striped, brown, tricolor, black and spotted specimens. Of course, for all copies that are not white, the other color must predominate to be considered a pure bull terrier .

The erect ears have a perfectly triangular shape and their nose is normally black, although it can also be pink or spotted. The snout has this oval shape, but the jaw is marked, without jowls, and the rows of upper and lower teeth fit in the shape of scissors.

The body is robust and muscular, although compact, and the tail is wide at its base and thin as it approaches the tip. According to the FCI there are no limits of weight or height, but the dog should give the impression of maximum strength, be compact, and that its distinctive features are clearly seen. Even so, it is a medium dog breed, but nowadays there is also the miniature bull terrier variety, created for totally domestic use.

It is because of its powerful jaw that the bull terrier is considered a PPP or potentially dangerous dog in some areas of the world. Although its character is not aggressive, genetics shows that a strong bite of this can really hurt us. If you have a dog of these characteristics, you should get used to it from small to muzzle, especially in cities or in countries where the law requires it. Anyway, a dog of this well-trained breed does not have to present any kind of problem of conduct, like any other dog.

Discover in this other article how to train a bull terrier to make it easier for you to achieve it.

Character of the bull terrier

The cross between English bulldog and terrier gave rise to a dog of rough characteristics that was known as bull and terrier and that was changing until being the race that we know today. I define his character as a very faithful and determined dog, brave and somewhat stubborn. Willing to defend theirs and for this, without a good education, with a tendency to be overprotective. It is something that can give problems when it comes to walking in the park, because you can get nervous when you get strangers, which is inevitable. So it's better to educate it early with positive reinforcement.

He is a very affectionate, loyal, affectionate and affable dog, but if he plays with children he must always be under the supervision of an adult. As we say, he is not an aggressive dog, since his origins as a fighting dog were long ago behind. But, besides that they do not like being disturbed excessively like any other dog and that they have to be treated well, some that are not well trained do not control their strength at all. Therefore, for both parties to learn to play well, the presence of an adult is essential.

It is not a dog recommended for novice owners, since it requires a good training to take full advantage of the character of the bull terrier and exercise it as needed, because it has a lot of energy that accumulates easily. It is an excellent guard dog and at your side you will feel safe and taken care of as with few dogs.

It is advisable to sterilize your bull terrier whether it is male or female to save you problems because they can have a dominant character, which would be reduced, and because this way there will be no wanted litters or certain health problems that may develop . All dogs can have this somewhat dominant character, in the end it ends up being an individual trait, but you have to keep in mind that since this is a PPP, it is easy to have prejudices.

It is better to save yourself troubles and make sure you have a obedient, calm and muzzy dog ​​without problems when you have to take it by law. For this, as we said above, it is good to get used to it from a young age so that it does not take it as a punishment.

Training of the bull terrier

The bull terrier is a very sociable dog by nature, but like all puppies, you must get used to the noise in the city since childhood, to grow without fear. To do this, pass it from the moment you have it and have your first vaccinations.

If it is a puppy so small that it has not yet been vaccinated and can not step on the ground, give him short walks in his arms, just to get used to the noise. It is important to make him see that bicycles, cars and people are not a threat for your pet to grow without fear.

The training, on the other hand, will give you security to prevent accidents. Make sure that when you call him your dog comes back, or that when you tell him to sit down, he does it and calms down. We always recommend positive education, based on awards and recognition for good results instead of punishing for mistakes.

Due to its powerful jaw, another element with which you will have to be careful is the bite. Educate him since he was young so that he can discharge his energy by biting resistant toys (like the black kong) and use him to wear a leash and muzzle. And is that you can hardly release it in a public space where there are other dogs. It is good that you take it to the field from time to time so that it runs in freedom, but two long daily walks will suffice to calm your energy.

If you think it is very difficult to educate a bull terrier on your own, we recommend that you take it to a trainer .