How to know if a boxer is pure

Do you have a boxer dog but you want to know if it is pure? Well, you have come to the right place to inform yourself. The Boxer is one of the best-known and most popular dog breeds in the world, a mascot with adorable flat snout and enormous sweetness that is a charming companion. But as a result of the constant mixtures of races, in the end you do not know for sure if what you have is a true boxer. In .com we tell you how to know if a boxer is pure .

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First of all, we tell you some information by way of introduction. The boxer is a dog of great size and short coat, a great animal, very adaptable, with little maintenance and an excellent guardian.

The origin of the boxer goes back to Germany, it is believed that it comes from Belgium, although there are many doubts about the accuracy of the origin of the breed. It is considered that in its historical lineage is the Great Dane and the bulldog. It is known that it has been used as a hunter of wild boar and other large animals and about the year 1830 bulldog blood was added resulting in the boxer we know today.

In this video we present you how the boxer is so that you know better this breed of dog.


To know if a boxer is pure it is convenient to go to the information provided by the canine federations such as the American Kennel Club that recognized the breed in 1904; the United Kennel Club recognized him in 1948; the Kennel Club assigned it to the group of working dogs and the International Cynological Federation added it to Group 2 of Section 2.

The federations estimate that, with proper training and good care, the boxer has a playful and charming natural behavior. It is an ideal dog because it is curious, willing and always alert to everything. He is brave in the face of threats and shows some distrust of the unknown, but without being fearful or aggressive.

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At the physiological level it is a large dog, of regular shape and short hair, its body has a square shape and its musculature is not very exaggerated. His way of walking is firm but light, being able to cover terrain with amplitude but with elegance.

It has a large head with certain folds whose upper area is arched and its most peculiar feature are the flat cheeks . She has dark brown eyes, they are not too deep, not protruding or small, the front of her head under her forehead is very defined. Its snout is small and wide and is one third the length of its head and two thirds the width of its skull.

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To know if your boxer is pure, another of the descriptive features is the mouth. Its upper jaw is wider at its base, reducing the thickness to the tip so that when the mouth is closed you can not see the teeth or the tongue. His bite is short and his lower jaw is long.

The ears of a boxer are moderate and are on the top of his head. There are federations that allow the ears to be cut into points, but they must be stiff. Regarding the front limbs, the upper arm is long and the elbows can not press against the chest. Their forearms are muscular, straight and extensive and they are parallel in front.


As for the hind limbs, a pure boxer has strong and angled with respect to the front. From behind, straight lines are perceived. The musculature is strong and arched and the angulation must be appropriate so that your feet do not rest too much under the thighs. The metatarsals must be perpendicular to the ground and not too long so as not to weaken their mobility. The pure boxer has no spurs on the back legs .

Regarding the boxer hair, it is glossy, close to the body and short. The color can be chestnut with a yellowish touch or chestnut gray tabby. The tawny tone can be reddish brown to very dark, the brindle is very defined with dark bands of grayish brown. Some boxers may have white spots on the chest, lower body, feet and lower legs.


To be sure that a boxer is pure, the tail should be at the top at the end of your body; This should be cut when it is a puppy and stay up. Regarding the standard measurements, the males from the cross to the shoulders can measure from 58.4 to 63.5 cm. The females between 54.6 and 59.57 cm.

They are dogs that have a nice size and height does not matter especially. Regarding the weight, a male can weigh between 30 and 32 kilos. The females between 25 and 27 kg. In this other article we discover how much a boxer dog should weigh.