How to know if your cat is obese

An obese cat is one that exceeds between 15 and 20% the weight considered normal for its race, sex and age. Obesity can be objectively assessed in breed cats since there is a standard adult cat weight for both females and males to which we can refer. For European cats there is no weight standard but we can be guided by the average weight of cats of medium breeds which is 3-4 Kg for females and 4-5 Kg for males. Thus, in very general terms we can consider obese a cat of more than 6Kg if it is male and more than 5Kg if it is female. If you can not get your cat to stand still on the scale and you can not weigh it, the following palpation and observation techniques will help you determine if your cat is obese .

Steps to follow:


Feel the ribs of the cat: the ribs of a cat should be easily noticed. If you have trouble finding the ribs, the cat is obese .


Palpate the spine and shoulders of the cat. A thin layer of fat should be noted above the bones. If the layer of fat is so thick that you can not see the bones, the cat is obese .


The obese cat has a pendulum abdomen: an accumulation of fat in the lower abdomen that swings when the cat walks.


Look at the cat from above when it is walking or in a walking position. In this position, the space of the waist should appear well defined behind the ribs. If there is no waist and the silhouette of the animal from this position is fully rounded, the cat is obese .

  • If your cat is obese consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.